Flexcope Roadtrip Mount – Makes your iPhone a Roadtrip Camera

I take movies and pictures of everything. I love the idea of preserving memories of our family vacations and events. I always enjoy watching them myself, but my hope is they will bring back wonderful memories for my daughter someday. I never thought to record the actual journey. I can think of a few that would have been really nice to have on tape.
Well, Flexcope has developed a camera mount that’s compatible with many recording devices like the Flip HD, Kodak Sport, Galaxy or Droid and even the iPhone that turns your device into a roadtrip video recorder, one that will stick to virtually any smooth, non porous surface and provide a unique hands free documentation of all your travels.

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The iPhone Lens Dial – for the Serious iPhone 4s Photographer

I admit it, I have a Nikon DSLR and a Sony Cybershot, but somehow I end up taking more pictures on my iPhone. I guess it makes sense since is always available, easy to remember, and takes a pretty good shot, for a phone. But inevitably I will miss quite a few of those perfect pictures, If only I could have been just a little closer… I always walk away kicking myself for not having at least grabbed the Cybershot.
So who could blame me for being intrigued by the iPhone Lens Dial? Not only does this complete 3 lens optical system, made specifically for your iPhone, look cool, but it boasts fisheye, wide angle, and telephoto lens capabilities. The lenses are optical quality coated glass set into an aircraft grade aluminum case with both portrait and landscape tripod mounts.

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Ninja Remote Stealth Jammer – You Know You Want One

I don’t even battle for the TV clicker anymore. At first it was a true test of wills, a war I felt I had to win. I first lost the fight to my husband, and now to my nine year old kid. I can’t remember the last time I sat back with the remote in MY hand, in control of the evenings entertainment.
Well thats about to change! Welcome the Ninja Remote Stealth Television Gadget and IR Jammer, get back the power that you gave away such a long time ago. This nifty little device will help you annoy the crap out of your friends and enemies, spouses and kids, or just about anyone, anywhere you would like to stick it to them.

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Digimo Camera Concept

As you can tell by the headline, this is a concept camera. The Digimo has three cool features, and even one would be enough to sell it on the existing camera market.
The first is that it can split in two. This comes in handy for situations where you need to take a picture of something remotely. You can even see a picture of what you are taking, as there is an LCD on both halves.
The second feature is that it can do 3D pictures. As you might know, 3D pictures are taken with two different camera lenses. When both halves are put together, this camera can get you the 3D pics that you want, if you are into that type of thing.
The third feature is that the Digimo is very modular. It has an extendable telescopic leg that can reach up to 50 centimeters, and you can see the ball and socket connectors that can stand one half of the camera at an angle.

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Take a 360-Degree Panoramic Photo with the Camera Ball

What you are seeing here is not some spherical shaped Rubik’s Cube, but you are right in assuming that those glass circles are cameras. It has 36 cellular phone camera sensors in all, and the green pieces around it are Nerf-like foam.
This is the camera ball, designed by Jonas Pfeil, and its purpose is to take 360-degree panoramic pictures. The user tosses the ball in the air, and it takes a picture when the ball is in apogee (the point where the ball is stationary at the top of its throwing arc).
As you can see in the video, the camera ball can take some pretty impressive pictures in the right surroundings. You will note that some of the video shots look a little like something like the bullet time of the Matrix. I honestly hope that the user has the ability to do that.

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Toshiba’s new ad breaks Guinness World Record

I remember seeing all sorts of examples of “bullet time” a year before The Matrix came out, and then I ended up seeing years of knock-offs. This commercial by Toshiba called “Time Sculpture” is “bullet time” with a machine gun.
Go ahead and watch the video after the jump, and you will see how impressive simple moves are when put together, and viewed in 360 degrees. I hope that you appreciate the work that went into it.
It took 200 cameras on a rig to get this shot, and the circular rig that surrounded the actors had to be taken out with a computer. It took about 110 hours worth of film with 20 terabytes of data, and it has broken the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest number of moving image cameras in a composite shot.

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Sony HDR-PJ50 is both a camcorder and projector

When I saw this pic of the Sony HDR-PJ50, I was not surprised. After all, it isn’t the first time I have seen a projector on a camera. Nikon did this with the Coolpix S1000pj, and 3M did this with Shoot and Share camera as well.
The projector of the HDR-PJ50 is able to project an image of 60-inches on any flat surface, but you are probably going to have to be in a very dark room.
Then there is the usual feature of a 1920 x 1080 HD video and an unusual feature of a built-in 220GB hard drive. As you might have guessed, it is good for memory sticks or SD cards. It also has a built-in 220GB hard drive, so you can catch a lot of video.

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DXG offers low-budget 3D stills

What you are seeing here is a new type of 3D viewer from DXG, creator of a lot of terrific HD camcorders.
This 3D viewer can only take still shots, and I got to try it out. You get the 3D that you may or may not have been looking for, but you really have to jump through a lot of hoops for it.
What happens is that you take pictures with the dual-lens camera. The viewscreen on the back of the camera is only 1.44 inches, and you can see the images in realtime. You can then print them out and put them in the included paper 3D viewer for a “Viewmaster” effect.

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