Wagz dog collar wearable unveiled

wagzWe humans love to have our fair share of devices to help make life better, but what about our four legged furry kids? Wagz might be on to something new here with a dog collar wearable that will make up part of the very first connected pet home system in the world. Known as the Wagz Explore Smart Collar, it will rely on data-driven insights in order to assist dog owners when it comes to tracking, monitoring, and communicating with their pets in a whole new groundbreaking manner.

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Microchip Pet Door Connect opens up new possibilities in your home

petdoor-connectSome of us treat our pets like a member of the family, and most of the time, the most common animals to get such royal treatment would be cats and dogs. Fish? Not so much, although they are very pretty to look at if an aquarium is properly taken care of. Pet product specialist Sure Petcare has come up with a unique idea for dog and cat owners all over the world in the form of the Microchip Pet Door Connect, touted to be the first app-controlled pet door of its kind in the whole world. When used in tandem with the “Sure Petcare” app, the Microchip Pet Door Connect will enable pet owners to control the pet door remotely using their smartphone or tablet. In addition, pet owners can also get a quick look at their pets’ activity and habits on the move.

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Petrics comes up with first smart pet bed in the world

petricsYour furry kid is treated as one of the family for some time now, and as we approach the holiday season, you have figured out gifts for just about everyone but the family pet. Why not make sure that it has a far better sleeping condition before we roll into 2018 by checking out what Petrics has in store? Touted to be the very first smart ped bed in the world, Petric’s Indiegogo campaign for this unique offering will kick off on November 30 for a pre-order. This smart ped bed intends to help pet owners prolong their pets’ lives, which would automatically make it well worth the investment.

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BLACK+DECKER Smart Dog Collar

blackdecker-dog-collarEvery dog deserves its very own collar, and this is exactly what the folks over at BLACK+DECKER have done, coming up with the all new Smart Dog Collar. This is a path that is less traveled by BLACK+DECKER, where through their licensing program, they have taken the step to expand into pet technology. Wagz, Inc. is their new partner in its licensing program, and apart from the Smart Dog Collar, other kinds of connected pet products include the Smart Dog Feeder and a Smart Dog Door. Let us take a closer look at the BLACK+DECKER Smart Dog Collar for now, which will be different from a regular dog collar.

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Paby reveals new smart pet location and activity tracker

pabyIf you happen to treat your pet like your very own furkid, I am quite sure that you would also be very concerned about its whereabouts whenever you are not around. After all, not all pets are happy enough to sit around the house doing nothing all day long, just to wait for you to come back. Some pets have this extremely curious personality and would not mind zipping away in an instant just so that it can spend some time outdoors. Paby knows this, and would like to help alleviate any anxiety that you might have through the availability of its smart pet location and activity tracker.

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The Multi-Functional Dog Shower – Life doesn’t have to be ruff

Multi-Functional Dog Shower

When you have a dog, it’s like raising a human who is perpetually 6 years old. They’re smart, but they are constantly trying to test their boundaries with what they can get away with. More importantly to dogs, how much trouble can they get into and still get treats in the same day. They try to eat things they shouldn’t, go to the bathroom in places they know they’re not supposed to, and rub their butts across the carpet, but when they make that cute face at you with the big round eyes full of love, it makes it all worth it (…usually).

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The Litter Kwitter Toilet Training System – No More Sand!

Litter Kwitter

Cats are great pets because they only want attention on occasion, don’t eat your shoes, and you don’t have to take them on walks multiple times a day. Despite all the pros of having feline friends, they do come with some cons. The most notable of which is having to scoop their poop and vacuum all the cat sand around their litter box, as well as keeping on top of all the tiny pieces that find their way all over your home.

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The FitBark lets you know if your pooch is being a couch potato


Dogs are slobbery balls of energy that are in a constant state of motion when they’re not being adorable on the couch or patiently begging for food. Sometimes though, they start being cute on the couch more than they should and pack on weight. We’re all prone to weight gain, but when it comes to your dog, it’s your responsibility to do something about it so they don’t develop health issues. It’s the same as having a kid who always wants to eat Cheetos and play video games, and making sure they don’t do that.

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The Jelly Cylinder Nano is both art and aquarium

Jelly Art Cylinder

When you know you want to have a pet, you start looking at all the available options and where you can get them from. Lots of people will scour animal shelters and rescues, eventually locking eyes with the creature they know will be their friend for years to come. While this normally means something with four legs and fur, dogs and cats aren’t the only animals you can keep as a pet.

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BarkBath – a bath shouldn’t leave a mess behind


When you need to give your dog a bath, thoughts immediately jump to that of a bathroom covered in dirt, hair, and suds. Dogs will naturally shake when they have an excess amount of water on their fur, so washing your dog normally means cleaning your bathroom right after as well. If only to remove the dog and soap smell left in the aftermath.

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