Sharp Plasmacutter Scalp Care Hair Dryer

You can have a great hygiene regimen and still find that there are things you could be improving. There are also gadgets that could save you time on things that are already a part of your regimen. When it comes to your hair, you want to dry it as quickly as possible after washing without … Read more

The baKBlade helps you shave your back

When you have that annoying little itch between your shoulder blades, you normally sidle up next to a wall and deal with the issue. It’s a tricky little spot to reach, and a back scratcher can help too, but if your problem with that area is the issue of back hair, it’s going to add … Read more

Single Handed Barber

You are a definite man’s man, and you absolutely loathe having to ask for help from different people during your moments of weakness. In fact, you live by the motto that “if you want something done right, then do it yourself”, so much so that you do not even trust the local barber to get … Read more