G1 Optimus Prime Head with Built-In USB Speakers


USB speakers are pretty much a dime a dozen these days.  Most definitely fall into the boring category, but they all have their ways that they attempt to stand out from the crowd.  Well these are probably going to appeal to the Transformer fans out there.  This seems more like it’s for the younger Transformer fans, but I’m sure that won’t stop the hardcore fans from loving these speakers anyway.

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NES Controller turned into iPhone 3GB Dock


Although normally gadget DIY projects are incredibly complicated and most people couldn’t dream of pulling it off, this is one that just about anyone could pull off.  That is provided you have the proper tools, probably a Dremel would be the best tool for this one.  If you already have an old NES controller and the Dremel this would be an incredibly affordable dock.  Which is nice since most Apple affiliated accessories tend to be a little bit expensive.

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The USB Fan & Thermo Clock


If you are dealing with having a desk in an area that you have to share the air conditioning, you’ve probably had the fight over the temperature.  Everyone has their ideal point, whether you prefer things really cold, at an average temperature or just can’t handle the cold.  Well if you’re one that is never quite cool enough at your desk, you could probably use something extra to cool things down.  This fan may not be very big, but it could take the edge off enough to make things a little more tolerable.

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Michael Jackson Flash Drive

mj-2_jpgI don’t believe that it has taken me this long to mention the death of a certain king of pop on this site. I guess I am still coping. All child-molesting charges aside, Michael Jackson was a musical icon and had a lot of talent.

I suppose the height of his popularity was the 1982 Thriller album. Every song on that album was in the top ten, and the album itself sold more than any of its time.

You might think this deal is some sort of sick marketing ploy to make some money after the death of a huge pop icon. I don’t think this was ever the reason why this 2GB USB drive was made, as it celebrates the 25th anniversary of Thriller, which would have been in 2007, not this year.

However, the timing feels a little weird, as the demand for MJ’s work is clearly going to spike. Yet who wouldn’t want Michael Jackson’s 25th anniversary edition of Thriller, which has the nine original hit songs, eight bonus tracks, and some video clips. Hopefully the video clips include the videos for Beat It, Billie Jean, and the long version of Thriller.

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Twilight USB Drive features the Cullen family crest


It seems that Entertainment Earth is coming out with a few different USB drives, one of which will appeal to the Twilight fans.  It’s a little on the bulky side of things, but features the Cullen family crest.  Then just in case you’re worried that people won’t realize how much of a Twilight fan  you are, it has Twilight stamped on the bottom.  Taking away any doubt anyone might have that you can’t get enough of anything and everything Twilight.

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New series of Star Wars themed Flash Drives


For those that have grown tired of the Star Wars accessories they already own or that have been available for a while, now there are some new ones coming out.  You can pick up one of these new USB drives that make each character look a bit like a bobble head doll.  Which also gives Darth Vader a cuddly feel, as opposed to making him look dark and brooding. If you don’t mind your Star Wars characters a little more cutesy, then these would be great flash drives.

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Mini Ball USB Speaker has built-in sound card


Now this is a gadget that keeps things nice and simple.  If you for some reason don’t have a sound card, it still allows for you to listen to your music.  It has a built-in sound card along with a tiny speaker.  It’s not going to have fantastic sound, but when you don’t have a sound card, things can get fairly desperate.  This would be a nice and affordable temporary fix for the issue.  That or if you’re not really worried about it, it could be a permanent fix.

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Belkin’s Series of Comfort Mice


Typically when you go to grab for a portable mouse to use with your laptop, you’re staring down a very miniature item.  Even before grabbing it you know the hand cramp that is bound to follow if you have to use it for very long.  However, it’s better than nothing, so you tolerate it and grumble throughout your tasks on your laptop.  Even if you have gotten used to the discomfort, afterwards your hand usually looks the slightest bit deformed from trying to grip the tiny mouse.  Well Belkin has released a mouse that’s supposed to be quite a bit more comfortable.

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