The HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset – play all day

HyperX Cloud II

When you need to get a new headset, you want the perfect cross-section between comfort, quality, price, and durability. There are more options than your brain can feasibly comprehend on the market, but the best idea is to decide what price range you’re willing to deal with, and read as many reviews as possible. There are some brands you’re going to recognize and trust, but if it’s not quite in your budget to spend $180 or more, then know that setting your sights lower doesn’t mean you’re going to miss out.

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Satechi reveals new aluminum Type-C HDD/SSD enclosure

Satechi-Aluminum-Type-C-HDD-SSD-EnclosureIt is pretty cheap to purchase new storage options these days for your notebook or computer, especially when hard drive prices have plummeted to deliver a whole lot more terabytes for your hard earned buck. Of course, having a portable SSD ain’t too shabby either, as you can to enjoy blazing fast speeds without the natural “weaknesses” of a hard drive. Satechi is a name that is well known by many for their collection of computer accessories, and this time around they are the ones behind the new aluminum Type-C HDD/SSD enclosure that will provide easy and convenient data transfer at high speeds — meaning you will spend a whole lot less time drumming your fingers on the table and getting productive sooner rather than later.

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The CASE Air – Your Instagram game is about to be amazing

Case Air DSLR

Photographers cried out all at once when phones started coming with cameras. While there’s always a need for someone to take photos professionally, smartphones have certainly lessened the demand, and that’s because you can take some great pictures with your phone and have them on Facebook before the event you’re at is over. I recently spent 6 weeks in Japan, and while I took over 2,000 photos with my DSLR, most of the photos that made it to social media came from my phone because there wasn’t enough time to get them onto a computer, edited, and uploaded fast enough.

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The Z Mouse will bring a whole new angle to gaming

The Z

There are new gaming peripherals coming out all the time. While some are better than others, what piques our interest normally lines up perfectly with our individual wants and needs. This means that more often than not, gaming accessories are targeting a specific group of gamers rather than making something that everyone can use, and doesn’t do too much in the way of improving the actual design of the mouse.

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USB-C Multi-Port Hub revealed

usb-c-hubHow many of us happen to have so many accessories for our computers, so much so that it is more or less impossible to make sure that there are enough USB ports to go around on our Ultrabooks or notebooks? Why, the USB hub might not be the sexiest peripheral to have around the home, but it sure as heck can be considered to be a vital addition to any road warrior, as you can never have too many USB ports in my opinion. In order to make sure that you keep up with the times, SMK-Link Electronics has introduced the USB-C Multi-Port Hub, which carries the model number VP6920.

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The USB Bamboo Seat Cooler keeps your buns fresh


It’s the middle of summer, and if you have one of those bosses, then you’re likely sweltering at your desk while your computer is about to burst into flames. There’s something to be said for saving money and cutting corners, but if you want everyone to work well without trying to kill each other, you don’t make their work space even a little bit too warm. If there’s just no getting them to budge the number on the thermostat, then you’ll have to take matters into your own hands.

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The AllSmartLife RGB Mechanical Keyboard

AllSmartLife RGB Mechanical Keyboard

We don’t mind spending a little extra money on our computer accessories because we’d rather something work well and last us several years than cheap out and have it break quickly. When it comes to a keyboard and you’re a gamer, you want the best of both worlds at the cross-section of affordable and functional. There are more keyboards on the market than you’re ever going to want to research, but if you can’t afford spring for the latest and greatest Das, there are cheaper, good options.

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TraxPack Luggage – stop fighting your suitcase when you travel

Over the last month or so I’ve been traveling non-stop all over Japan, and have had to take luggage of varying size with me wherever I go. On planes, trains, and automobiles, hefting them up and down stairs, trying to maneuver a two-wheeled, one-direction-rolling carry-on bag through a crowd of people with grace and dignity, which very rarely happens. Needless to say, I figured out what aspects of my luggage could be improved upon.

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Samson expands family of USB microphones

samson-usb-microphoneNot many of us happen to own a microphone that is connected to the computer, for a very simple reason – there is hardly any reason to, unless of course, we do make conference calls as well as voice and video calls via Skype or other kinds of instant messaging software or apps. Well, for those who want to make sure that every single word gets across in a crystal clear manner, while minimizing the chances of a message being listened to askewed, it would be best to invest in a quality microphone. Samson knows this, which is why they have come up with their latest range of USB microphones that can be purchased at select Best Buy stores nationwide and at

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Satechi Multi-Port USB Charging Station juices up half a dozen devices at once

satechi-6-chargerIn any household these days, there are many different kinds of devices under a single roof, even if it is just the two of you – or heck, a single living there. This means that at the end of the day, many of the power outlets would be fully plugged for the simple fact that these smartphones and tablets will need to be juiced up in order to be ready for yet another full day of action. Thankfully, many device manufacturers these days have decided to settle for a USB charging capability, and Satechi has come up with with yet another multi-device USB charger, which they have called it the Multi-Port USB Charging Station.

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