ODiN is the world’s first projected mouse

ODiN projected mouse

Holding onto a regular mouse can put a lot of strain on your wrists after a long workday at your computer. Our hands and wrists weren’t built to sit at such an odd angle for so long, which is why so many people are developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. You need to take care of yourself lest you want to deal with costly surgeries. This usually means a change in equipment, but there’s no reason it can’t be awesome as all get out.

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Janulus introduces the TOB cable

tob-cableThe modern day road warrior will obviously have a slew of mobile devices that they work around with, and this goes without saying that there is a need to carry their corresponding chargers and cables along with you whenever you travel. This might eventually translate to a whole slew of items, and it might also be easy to get mixed up with which particular cable belongs to what device, especially when you carry a digital camera, a smartphone, a tablet, a GPS navigation device, a smartwatch, the works! Here is a specially designed connector that snaps to various adapters, knowing as the TOB cable.

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Toshiba delivers an encrypted USB flash drive

toshiba-encrypted-usb-flash-driveIt goes without saying that we have had our fair share of information and news concerning digital systems being compromised – and data has been stolen along the way, of course. Now, this is definitely not the kind of scenario in which one would find oneself in – and hence, it might be a better idea to ensure that we all do our respective parts to minimize the possibility of data theft. If you are going to carry sensitive information around on a USB flash drive, make sure that those documents will be password protected, and better yet, if such data can be encrypted. Having said that, Toshiba might have just the thing for you with the Toshiba Encrypted USB flash drive that delivers military grade protection for sensitive data, using an innovative hardware security device with enough storage space to pack in up to 32GB of stuff within.

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The Cryptex USB Flash Drive holds many secrets

The Cryptex USB Flash Drive

When you have digital information that you want to keep to yourself, it’s best to store it on a flash drive that will only be brought out when necessary. You can hide it away under lock and key, but there’s always a chance someone will get hold of it. If it should fall into the wrong hands, it’s not exactly difficult to pull information off as you would only have to plug it in to access whatever information it may hold.

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The UNITEK 3-In-1 Connector will let you leave your laptop at home


The one thing that will weigh my bag down the most is my laptop. It is a monstrosity, but using a phone or tablet for work outside of the office just isn’t going to cut it. Opening up a laptop and setting to work anywhere is just too easy. You could make it work on your phone, but that would require opening an app, losing half of your screen to a keyboard, and you would have to use your fingers instead of a track pad or mouse, and that just doesn’t feel right.

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PNY introduces USB flash drives with LEGO branding

pny-lego-usb-flash-driveWhen it comes to the LEGO franchise, you know for sure that there are way too many different kinds of products to choose from (like a USB hub), although their bread and butter continue to be focused on the little plastic bricks themselves that have this uncanny precision of actually merging and affixing themselves to one another without a problem after all these years. The tech world, too, has seen its fair share of LEGO products, and here we are with yet another one that might just make you look at LEGO in a different light. PNY has worked alongside the LEGO Group to deliver the PNY LEGO USB flash drives.

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LIX – The 3Doodler is all grown up

LIX 3D pen
When you get a flash of inspiration, you want to flesh it out as fast as possible so you can begin to sculpt it into a fully finished idea. Depending on the project, this also means making a prototype. If you don’t like scrawling out ideas in 2D, then you’ve likely gone digital to work in a program that will allow you to see a 3D version of whatever you’re working on. However, there is a bit of setup involved.

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Kingston HyperX PREDATOR 1TB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

hyperx-predator-1tbI am quite sure that many of us have attended our fair share of trade shows and conferences over the years that we have amassed quite a collection of USB flash drives in our homes, so much so that these have become not valuable at all compared to the early days when a 32MB USB flash drive was all the rage, and hitting 1GB was like, “Whoa!”. Well, we just love the way that technology progresses over time, and here we are with the Kingston HyperX PREDATOR which offers a whopping 1TB of storage space, and fret not about spending huge amounts of time whenever you transfer data to and from it, as it will feature USB 3.0 connectivity to get the job done as fast as possible.

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