Plugable boasts of tool-free NVMe SSD enclosure

Most notebooks these days come with an SSD as costs begin to plummet and it becomes easily available, not to mention offering a far better performance capability as opposed to traditional hard drives. External SSDs have yet to really catch on though, but here we are with Plugable’s latest release that might make you want to jump aboard the bandwagon. Enter the Plugable USB-C NVMe Enclosure that lays claim to being the first high performance NVMe enclosure which boasts of a completely tool-free,
spring-loaded design when it comes to inserting and removing a compatible SSD. Oh yes, not forgetting the inclusion of advanced thermal management that will help to maximize performance as well as device lifespan.

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The CASE Air – Your Instagram game is about to be amazing

Case Air DSLR

Photographers cried out all at once when phones started coming with cameras. While there’s always a need for someone to take photos professionally, smartphones have certainly lessened the demand, and that’s because you can take some great pictures with your phone and have them on Facebook before the event you’re at is over. I recently spent 6 weeks in Japan, and while I took over 2,000 photos with my DSLR, most of the photos that made it to social media came from my phone because there wasn’t enough time to get them onto a computer, edited, and uploaded fast enough.

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USB-C Multi-Port Hub revealed

usb-c-hubHow many of us happen to have so many accessories for our computers, so much so that it is more or less impossible to make sure that there are enough USB ports to go around on our Ultrabooks or notebooks? Why, the USB hub might not be the sexiest peripheral to have around the home, but it sure as heck can be considered to be a vital addition to any road warrior, as you can never have too many USB ports in my opinion. In order to make sure that you keep up with the times, SMK-Link Electronics has introduced the USB-C Multi-Port Hub, which carries the model number VP6920.

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Papaerlike might save your sight from an early grave


In the Information age, we spend more time than ever in front of one or more screens for 8+ hours a day. If you work on a computer, then you know how bad the eye strain can get when you’re nearing a deadline. Having worked as a writer and photographer for many years, I’ve spent one too many days and far too many hours in a dark room with a bright screen, and am already having to deal with the effects on my vision.

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Livia wants women to be normal functioning humans during their period

Livia in use

Have you ever smashed your hand with a hammer and then had someone ask you a stupid question? If you have, you now know what it’s like to be on your period around literally anyone. It’s not that women are crazy during that time of the month, they’re just in excruciating pain, feel like they’re bloated, and have munchies to an insane degree while still having to live life like nothing is happening. As one such being, I can attest this to be 100% fact, and there’s only so much you can do to deal with it.

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Star Wars Death Star USB Car Charger

I am quite sure that every single Star Wars fan out there worth his or her salt have already begun to make the necessary and relevant preparations to watch the movie as soon as it hits the silver screen, barring unforeseen circumstances, of course. You might want to deck out your Christmas tree with Star … Read more

Toshiba proves that there is still innovation in USB flash drives

toshiba-usb-flash-driveToshiba is normally not a name that one would associate with USB flash drives, as these tend to be “small fish” in the world of consumer electronics. However, this does not mean that the Japanese firm does not look into such details. In fact, Toshiba has just unveiled new retractable and mini USB flash drives, which you might want to check out if you happen to be in the market for one of these puppies. Being released under the TransMemory product range, the two products are known as the TransMemory Retractable U362 Retractable Flash Drive as well as the TransMemory Mini U201 USB Flash Drive. The former, as its name suggests, happens to have a retractable design and super-fast USB 3.0 performance, while the latter has been specially optimized for USB 2.0 ports.

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