< ![CDATA[There is a new category of notebooks known as Ultrabooks – these will be small and light models, which of course, will not sacrifice performance in the name of size. The latest model from Toshiba of Japan would be the Portégé Z830 Ultrabook, where it is touted to be the lightest 13.3″ Ultrabook in the world, dipping under the 2.5 pound mark while being encased in a chassis that is no thicker than 15.9mm.
Not only that, Toshiba is proud to claim that the Portégé Z830 Series is around 20% lighter and 40% thinner compared to the award-winning ultraportable Portégé R830 Series. Needless to say, with a price point that starts from under the magical $1,000 mark while delivering unprecedented portability, durability and essential features in a stylish design, Toshiba might have a winner here.

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Nsquared Seamless Computing lives up to its name

< ![CDATA[What you are about to see in the video after the jump is known as Seamless Computing, and it really is where we are headed, as far as technology is concerned.
The demonstration is courtesy of a company known as Nsquared, and it shows how a Windows 7 Mobile Phone, Kinect, and Surface can work together. As far as I know, Microsoft did not sponsor this in any way.

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Wacom has an Inkling for the future

< ![CDATA[The name Wacom is synonymous with digital tablets and sketch pads, and the company has its latest model for the masses announced recently – the Wacom Inkling. This spanking new digital sketch pen will be slightly different from your average digital tablet, as it will actually be able to capture a digital likeness of your work even when you sketch with Wacom’s provided ballpoint tip onto any sketchbook or standard piece of paper.
Yes sir, this is one model that targets those who are into rough concepting and creative brainstorming stages, where the Inkling intends to bridge the gap between paper sketching and digital drawing as it offers users at the beginning of the creative process a method to actually flesh out the ideas swimming in their heads on actual paper, while capturing those concepts digitally at the same time so that they can be further refined on a computer. This definitely beat the old school method of scanning your images onto a computer for inking and refinement later on.

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Razer unveils the Blade Gaming Laptop

< ![CDATA[Last summer, at E3 2011 in Los Angeles, Razer unveiled their specially made keyboard designed to play Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic. Now, in Seattle, PaxPrime 2011 was the place where Razer unveiled their Blade.
The Razer Blade is a 17.3-inch gaming laptop that has a fast Intel Core i7 processor and high performance NVIDIA GeForce graphic processor designed from a lightweight aluminum chassis.
The Blade also has a Switchblade User Interface, which has a has 10 adaptive tactile keys. Each one has the ability to be a tiny screen in and of itself. There is also a multi-touch LCD panel that is made to work like a touchpad, and it can display important gaming information like maps in MMOs.

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LG A530 notebook joins the 3D fray

< ![CDATA[LG’s latest notebook would be something different the moment you lay your eyes on it, as the A530 will sport stereoscopic 3D support in addition to a 3D dual webcam that is located right above the 15.6″ Full HD 3D LCD display, allowing you to basically shoot your very own 3D videos and photos. There is a bunch of solid hardware crammed inside the luxurious metalliclook chassis, making sure that everyone knows you forked out top dollar (or Euro) for this one.
It does seem as though the stereoscopic 3D bandwagon is catching on in many ways, ranging from tablets to smartphones, and notebooks are not exempted either. Guess LG decided to bring over their expertise in 3D viewing from the living room to the world of notebooks, and have done so with the Xnote A530.

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Logitech HD webcam B525 brings video chats to business circles

< ![CDATA[A webcam has proved to be an accessory that you can live without, although those who are involved in long distance relationships might beg to differ. After all, there is nothing quite like seeing your beloved in the flesh despite being separated by thousands of miles, with a phone call coming in second where keeping in touch is concerned. Logitech does not only make computer mice, you know, as the Swiss company is also involved in a bunch of other peripherals where among them include keyboards and webcams, which we will look at the latter in greater detail today with the business-class Logitech HD webcam B525.
The relaunch of the business-class Logitech HD webcam B525 happened in order for the B525 to take advantage of an ever-changing workspace – regardless of whether it is at your office, at your favorite coffee haunt, the airport terminal, or even in the comfort of your home, where it delivers seamless video calls without missing a beat. Among the features in the Logitech HD webcam B525 that you will read of, they are available after the jump.

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NZXT Tempest 410 and Tempest 410 Elite chassis for PC enthusiasts

< ![CDATA[If you love building your computer from scratch, then chances are you will pay close attention to the kind of chassis that your system will be built upon. Will it be large enough to be able to house all the components that you want to stash inside? How about the design – does it go with the flow of your room? Are there adequate fans, or will it be a liquid cooled system? So many questions, and the answers lie right in front of you as you peruse through the many PC case manufacturers’ webpages all night long.
Well, NZXT is certainly an old hand at this, where they have just expanded their Tempest series with a couple more models for you to begin your new project with zest. First of all, let us take a look at the Tempest 410, where it is said to be able to deliver the kind of aggressive airflow that is so often required to meet the most demanding enthusiast’s overclocking needs. The innards of the computer will remain nice and cool with dual touch powered 120mm front fans that sport removable filters. These touch powered fan compartments are wireless, so it goes without saying that you will save plenty of time whenever you want to remove these fans. More about it in the extended post.

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MSI X460 and X460DX notebooks announced

< ![CDATA[MSI has a couple of notebooks up for the masses – and we’re looking at the X460 and X460DX models, where they are both 14″ mobile powerhouses that target professionals who are always on the go. Being part of the X Series of ultra-slim notebooks, you can be sure that both units will run on the latest Intel Core processors which are not short on processing horsepower, not to mention coming with a choice between an integrated Intel GMA HD or nVidia GeForce GT540M video card, with Microsoft Windows 7 as the operating system of choice right out of the box.
Since they say that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, MSI does not want all of the Jacks (and Jills, I suppose) end up being dull, cubicle loving drones. No sir, your ears will also be treated to the inclusion of THX TruStudio PRO so that movies and music that you watch and listen to will sound all the more realistic and thumping.

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Dell Latitude XT3 convertible is tough as nails

< ![CDATA[There are times in life when you need to stamp your authority, being a no-nonsense character – and that might also mean you are prone to flashes of anger that could cause you to throw your notebook against the wall in frustration simply because the software was way too hard to figure out, even with a manual and a call support system. Well, just to make sure your notebook survives the throw, perhaps you could have gotten the Dell Latitude XT3.
The Latitude XT3 convertible tablet PC, however, was specially constructed to aid mobile professionals out – especially those who prefer to work without boundaries with all the productivity, power and functionality of a standard laptop, while bringing to the table the flexibility and dynamic interface of a responsive touch-screen tablet. Needless to say, the Dell Latitude XT3 is not meant for those who love sitting behind their cubicles all day long – instead, it will target healthcare professionals, educators and service personnel, allowing them to work almost anywhere.

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Dell Vostro V131 business laptop

< ![CDATA[Dell makes another splash in the business laptop market with their latest addition – the Dell Vostro V131. Just what the heck makes the Dell Vostro V131 so special? For starters, it will come with up to 9.5 hours of battery life, which is pretty decent in this day and age – placing it on par with those long-lasting netbooks. After all, many of us these days are extremely mobile, and it isn’t always convenient to find a power outlet nearby when you need one, so getting all the help you can from a long lasting battery is always appreciated.
Apart from being powerful, it is also thin and sleek in design, being one of the lightest and thinnest laptops from the Vostro range. It’s main target would be small business customers, where the Dell Vostro V131 can stash away an Intel Core i3 or Core i5 processor inside makes sure that you won’t be found wanting when processing power is required.

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