Two-way Crank Radio is perfect for camping and hiking trips

Have you ever been camping and decided to go on a long hike, only to discover your walkie-talkie batteries are dead, leaving you without any means of communication? We all know cell phones are pretty much useless anywhere that’s good for hiking, so you’re stuck with a pair of walkie-talkies. Wouldn’t it be great if … Read more

Foldable Cloth Oven could be ideal for camping

Redefining the term “easy bake oven,” researchers with the Taiwan Textile Institute have developed a cloth that can take high temperatures and have parlayed their discovery into a foldable oven for camping, military kitchens, and outdoor catering. The cloth oven weighs only a only a few hundred grams researchers claim it can reach temperatures over … Read more

The Cell Phone-Charging Hand-Crank Radio

This is a really neat gadget as it provides several helpful tools which could be perfect for any kind of emergency such as black-outs or storms. The cell phone-charging hand-crank radio is a completely hand-crank powered device which works as a radio, flash light, and a cell phone charger! The radio can pick up AM/FM … Read more

SLP2 Survival Tool

Here’s a very handy gadget to have around if you’re camping or plan to be stranded in the middle of the forest for some reason. This survival multi-tool features not only a very powerful blade, but a couple of other neat features which are not commonly seen on these kinds of gadgets. First of all … Read more

Pocket-sized barbeque grill.

Now that the clocks have sprung forward and the weather’s warming a little, it might be time to start preparing for those summer barbeques we all love so much. I’m sorry to all those vegetarians out here, but I can’t wait to taste those barbeque-grilled steaks and flame-cooked chicken wings! Anyway, the coolest gadgets team … Read more