Magellan has Back-Up Camera for RoadMate GPS units

When it comes to backing up your vehicle, not everyone finds it as easy as you do – or perhaps, you might even fall into the category of preferring to parallel park instead of backing up vertically! Well, fret not – there are devices out there in the market that will help you out of this particular dilemma, including a back up camera, but what happens when a GPS company like Magellan rolls out their Back-Up Camera companion device? This will play nice with the RoadMate safety series of car navigation units, letting you reverse and park more safely.
Working in tandem with this camera would be a Safety Series GPS navigator that will expand Magellan’s focus on safety and security the entire time you are seated within your vehicle. It will kick off whenever the Back-Up Camera kicks into high gear, helping you reverse out safely from your driveway, and will continue working throughout your entire commute with premium GPS navigation features. The time it clocks out? When you park your car without causing any damage to property around you, followed by shutting off the ignition.

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TomTom introduces new GPS navigation systems

TomTom has just announced their brand new GO Series of GPS navigation systems that have arrived in the US. First appearing at CES 2011 earlier this year, the released models include a GO 2535 M LIVE (formerly known as the GO 2505 M LIVE) and the GO 2435 and 2535, which are actually enhanced versions of the popular GO 2405 and 2505. The GO 2535 M LIVE is well connected, where it is the first in the next generation of the TomTom GO LIVE devices that will sport the powerful LIVE Services.
Just what does LIVE Services offer? We’re talking about the award-winning TomTom HD Traffic greeting your eyes and ears each time before you want to head out to your destination, where you can always access the most accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date traffic solution at all times.

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TomTom has more 5″ GPS navigation systems for professionals

TomTom has just announced that they will make available a trio of new 5″ navigation devices for those who need a professional GPS navigation system. We’re talking about the TomTom PRO 7150, PRO 9150 and PRO 7150 TRUCK, where all three of them were specially designed to deliver bottom-line benefits for businesses and the larger display are which makes it a whole lot easier for users to operate.
According to Thomas Schmidt, Managing Director of TomTom Business Solutions, “The larger display makes the driver’s job of managing his order and communicating back to the office even easier, while also increasing the sizes of the navigation screen itself.”

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Reverse Geocaching Box

Most of us would have heard of geo-tagging, where it is a way to add map coordinates to photographs and gadgets in order to employ positional markers, helping you remember where you went for the summer holidays in 2010 half a century from now. Well, there is nothing quite like seeing a reverse position – … Read more

mPower Emergency Illuminator

To say that the mPower Emergency Illuminator is just a flashlight is like saying a Rolex is just a watch. Granted, it is a true statement, but this mPower Emergency Illuminator is like the flashlight of the gods. Well, this amazing gadget for men was designed by the car gods, and, by that, I mean, … Read more

The Mini LED Camping Lantern

Although you might not actually believe that there is even a remote need for a miniature camping lantern, this gadget is quite a bit more powerful than you might initially guess.  Being only slightly larger than the size of your average keychain, most would think it wouldn’t light up much more than a very small … Read more

The Solar Power LED Vintage Camping Lantern

When it comes to camping lighting you typically get to choose between one that requires buying batteries or the slightly more old fashioned versions that require you to light them.  Well this camping light features a vintage look, so you can feel like you’re using an old lamp.  However, it uses solar power to keep … Read more

Hand Winding Solar Camping Lamp with Charger

I truly hate lanterns and for one simple reason. They take about six different D batteries to stay powered.  Who honestly keeps D batteries around?  I don’t think I even own any gadgets anymore that require that particular type of batteries.  Well if you really don’t want to have to stock pile batteries, this small lantern … Read more

Kinesis K2 solar/wind charger

“Green” is a bit of a theme this year and solar chargers have started appearing in a variety of shapes and sizes. the Kinesis K2 takes the concept further by adding a wind turbine for additional generating power. On the plus side it needs extremely little wind to spin, on the downside it adds a … Read more