The Smarter Coffee Machine – never make bad brew again

Smarter Coffee

How our day goes is not always determined by our mornings, but having a decent start can certainly help the rest of it along. If you wake up on time, manage to bathe, eat, and remember to wash your thermos out so you can take coffee to work, then you’re doing pretty good. However, coffee is a big part of that equation, and should you forget to set up the grounds and water the night before, then it’s iffy whether or not your morning brew will be ambrosia or swill.

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Darma is a seat cushion that will improve your body and mind


We sit on our buns for most of the day. While we might get up to stretch every once in a while when our legs feel restless or to go get lunch, we really don’t bother moving much. It’s hard to remind yourself how long you’ve been sitting in the same position, if your posture is correct, and when it’s time to get up for a quick walk around the room.

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The Shirt Shuttle MK3 gives you a backup shirt for a rainy day

The Shirt Shuttle MK3
There are days that start off seeming like they’re going to be the best one you’ve ever had, but take one bad turn that wants to throw you off balance. It has happened to all of us at least once, and is bound to happen again. You get up early enough to actually get in breakfast, don’t feel rushed in your morning routine, and make it to work with time to spare, but as soon as you take your first sip of coffee at work, it dribbles down your shirt.

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There’s no room for mistakes with the Beta Inkless Pen

Beta Inkless Pens

If you write and draw on paper more than you type on a screen, then you know how important the quality of your writing implements and paper are. There are some types of paper that will shred before you can finish writing a full sentence, and pencils with lead that will snap on a whim. If you use decent quality materials, then your main problem is figuring out not only what to put on the page, but what to remove from it.

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The Totem Pen is the best way to keep yourself distracted during a meeting

totem pen

Sitting through a meeting can be a very draining experience. Some people just like to use big words and hear themselves talk for an inordinate amount of time. While we are expected to sit quietly and take in hours of information, there’s a good chance your mind is going to wander off on its own if you don’t have something to keep you occupied.

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Satechi Flexible LED Desk Lamp adds a new dimension to your desk

flexible-led-lampI suppose most of us would not have given much thought as to what kind of desk lamps we use – as long as it provides an adequate amount of light, it ought to be good enough. Having said that, if you were to sit for long hours at a stretch in front of a desk, then it would pay dividends to invest in a decent lighting system so that your eyes would not feel so tired at the end of a particularly long day. Satechi, more often than not rolling out smaller peripherals, is back with something that not many people might consider, although it is essential for the office drone – the Satechi Flexible LED Desk Lamp.

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La Fonction is a portable workstation for jet-setters

Regardless of where you are or what you’re doing, there is always a deadline looming overhead. You can let it get to you and worry about it constantly, or chip away at your work over time so that it can’t best you. Of course, switching to work mode isn’t always as easy pulling out your laptop. Many people need a quiet place to work, or at least the visual aspect of a workstation to let them focus.

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