Bio-SnapON fingerprint recognition system

Bio-SnapON from M2Sys is a complete fingerprint recognition system that is easily and instantly integrated with any third party software package, doing away with the need for development work of any sort. In layman’s terms, it can replace any external barcode or magstripe device with biometric identification while substituting fingerprint for an application username and … Read more

Fujitsu U810 a tablet cum UMPC


Fujitsu Computer Systems recently announced that it will sell the LifeBook U810 mini convertible computer for $999 when it hits store shelves sometime next month. Weighing a mere 1.56lb, you definitely won’t find it a hassle to carry it around on your business dealings. The Fujitsu LifeBook U810 holds the distinction of being the first tablet of its kind that comes with touchscreen capability and the ability to convert from a clamshell form factor to that of a UMPC size in a flash. Other competitors in this market include the OQO Model 2 and the FlipStart by Vulcan Portals, but Fujitsu clearly thinks that its offering is the best of the three (which company doesn’t?).

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Whoopee Cushion gets modern update

Remember the Whoopee Cushion that has caused countless embarrassing moments to it’s victims in the past? Well, as technology progresses, it makes sense that practical jokes get along with the times as well. The Radio Controlled Whoopee Cushion updates this old gag by letting you control just when your victim will experience a red face … Read more

Dynahand does away with passwords

dynahand.jpgRemembering all your passwords can be a pretty tricky process, don’t you think? Gone are the days where all you needed to have in your mind was your Social Security number, a couple of phone numbers (landed lines mind you), and perhaps a birthday or two. These days, you have tons of email addresses to attend to (both corporate and personal), various logins for a whole ton of websites as well as PIN codes and security passwords in buildings. This is just pure information overload, but thankfully there is the Dynahand system that aims to make logging into websites a wee bit easier.

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