Square Audio Spotlight Speakers


Holosonic Research Labs has rolled out its new Square Audio Spotlight Speakers in both 16″ and 24″ formats, making them just nice for architectural installations as well as exhibit displays, bringing improved sonic performance and power efficiency in order to further broaden its range of applications. These square panel formats are what some would term impossibly thin, measuring a mere 0.5″ in thickness, being perfectly flat at the same time. Since they’re so slim, they can just about be mounted almost anywhere, be it solid or suspended ceilings and walls, or even integrated into the display and special exhibits themselves.

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Warmkeyboard for the Chilled Typist

warmkeyboard.jpgYou all have that person in your office or at home: the Chilly Willy. Once Halloween hits and up through Memorial Day, they’re always bundled up in many layers of sweaters and fleece and are huddled under blankets complaining that they’re “freezing”. Despite the fact that the environment is kept at 70 degrees thanks to modern heating technology, they’re always cold. Always. And they have no problems telling you about it as often as they can.

The only time I have any problems being cold is if I’m in my home office in the dead of winter and I’ve been coding websites all day. But I get hot tea and drink it – problem solved! But what gift can you get your co-worker or house-mate to use on their computer AND solve part of their chilled problem?

This holiday season, is selling the Warmkeyboard. It looks like a regular, beige, USB keyboard – but under the proverbial hood is heating technology to warm up the keys to a comfortable temperature. No more cold fingers while you type!

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Pyramat Wireless PC Gaming Chair

To get the ultimate gaming experience, gamers will spend countless of hours perfecting their surround sound and video settings, searching online and in stores for the ideal mouse and keyboard setup and turning their desk into a virtual cocoon of technology and nerdery. But do gamers worry about what kind of chair to use? Well, … Read more

Handyman Gift Guide

The definition of handyman can be seen as “a man skilled in various odd jobs and other small tasks” – something rare to exist nowadays. Right ladies?

Anyhow, the following 10 gadgets are suited for the almost-in-extinction handyman, from cookers to campers, and GPS lovers, we’ve got it all here.

The products are ordered by price, not by usefulness or multi-functionality.

Garmin GPSMap 76 Handheld GPS Navigator

Garmin GPSMap 76 Handheld GPS Navigator

This Garmin GPS System is made for the handyman that likes the marine life, aka driving boats. It doesn’t have much internal memory, only 8MB that are suppose to be used when adding more data from the MapSource CDs.

Other features include 500 waypoints + maps of rivers, lakes, worldwide cities, and more + computer that shows info about trip distance, average speed, and a timer.

Price: $160
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Black & Decker Alligator Lopper Electric Chain Saw

Black & Decker Alligator Lopper Electric Chain Saw

If this Black & Decker existed 50 years ago, I bet it would be a hit for sure.

The Black & Decker Aligator Electronic Chain Saw has a 4.5 Amp motor, and a 4-inch cut limit. You can use it to cut small (or big) pieces of wood to use on your fireplace, unlike what happens while using a manual chain saw, you won’t get tired.

Take a big bite out of fallen trees, tree limbs and brush with the Alligator Lopper, a revolutionary new cutting tool that provides chainsaw-like cutting performance in an un-intimidating and easy to use tool. With its scissor-like action, the Alligator Lopper’s rugged metal jaws clamp onto logs and thick branches, as well as smaller tree limbs and vines and then saws through them with ease.

Price: $99
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Tiny Vacuum powered by USB

The retro craze seems to be going in full swing now that the holidays are upon us. Retro telephones, retro fans, retro everything! But it takes a visionary to say “you know, I want to make a tiny, retro vacuum for people to use on their desks”.

And you know what? That man or woman did just that.

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Shooting Cubicle Alarm System

The Shooting Cubicle Alarm System adds a level of pro-activity to whoever sneaks around your cubicle whenever you’re absent in body. Each unit has an ever-watchful motion sensor. The first line of defense is lovingly referred to as Alarm 1. When Alarm 1 is tripped two very important things happen. First, it flashes and klaxons … Read more

Levitating Balls – Sports Balls, of course!

Floating GolfballHere’s a new levitating deco gadget. Instead of the usual Earth globes or other planets, this one’s more mundane. Actually, it’s quite a nice present for any sports buff.

Whether it’s that snobby boss of yours, or your kid you’re pitching to on Saturday morning, you’ll find one for any of them.

There’s a golf ball floating above a mini pitch, and a baseball that levitates above a base.

Click on for some bigger pictures and for the little extra info you need to know about these.

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Google Presentation is live!. And kicking (ass) too! (review)

Google PresentationsUpon looking in my Google Docs page today, I discovered some new thing: Google Presentations.

Of course, the first thing to do was test it. And I did. And it’s cool!.. Even if there are no fancy transitions or animations, you can still create decent, good-looking presentations, and there are some pretty nice features to it too.

Best of all, the presentations are always online and you can access them anywhere.

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Lenovo ThinkVision L220x

lenovo_thinkvision_l220w_hd_monitor_2.jpgLenovo has recently announced a new monitor that will probably make almost everyone drool due to its beauty and impressive specifications. For someone like myself who owns a 15″ LG Flatron LCD screen, the new ThinkVision from Lenovo is on the top of my to-buy-on-Christmas list.

Anyhow, the codename for the display is ThinkVision L220x, and as the name suggests the screen measures 22″. An upgrade of 7″ when compared to my monitor, but that is another story. One good point is the built-in USB hub that most displays come with these days – this one has 4 USB ports so you can have a couple of gadgets working simultaneously.

The ThinkVision L220x is HD-ready for you to enjoy high quality content, it has a resolution of 1920 x 1200 and a 10:10 aspect ratio, which according to SlashGear is big “enough to put two full-size pages side by side “. Decent enough for you? If not, maybe the 103 dots per inch will convince you.

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LED Invaders Door Mat

If you’re not exactly the social type, then the LED Invaders Door Mat fits you to a T. This nifty doormat is imported from France and features a glowing display and motion sensor. Any time someone comes near, a glowing green space invader moves back and forth across the top of the mat. Potential guests, … Read more