Netgear has quartet of new ProSafe Plus Switch models

Netgear has expanded their ProSafe Plus Switch family with four more models in order to cater for growing businesses with growing network needs, where all of the new ProSafe Plus Switches will offer built-in cable test support, QoS prioritization for voice & video traffic and VLAN configuration for network segmentation, and even more impressively, doing all of this within 10% of the cost of an unmanaged switch. Those who are in management positions will be able shortlist this as one of the main methods of cutting costs while running a business, that’s for sure.

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Sixty DECT Phone will give you your retro fix

Most people have that one type of gadget that they adore the retro or older versions.  For me it’s phones, I can’t resist a retro or even antique phone.  I have been absolutely pining over the Crosley Black Candlestick Phone.  If you prefer your retro gadgets to have a modern touch though, you ought to look over the Sixty DECT phone from Sagemcom.  It’s a gadget that perfectly intwines modern and retro looks.

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Spink Cup Holder protects your computer from spills

Whenever you’re really into what you’re doing, it seems like that’s the moment you forget about that hot cup of coffee that’s conveniently placed just a little too close to an elbow.  Of course this always happens around sensitive material like important paperwork and electronics.  If you were to pick up Spink it’ll keep your drinks from spilling when you happen to knock into them.

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NTT’s “t-room” is almost like being there

I realize that this picture looks like two ordinary people shaking hands, but what is actually going on is far more technical and far more complex.

This photo comes from my Source, who was at NTT’s Showroom at Tokyo and got a chance to try out the “t-room”. Yes, that is what they call it, and is actually is very similar to sitting down for tea.

Here is a brief explanation of what the t-room does. A person stands in this small circular room that is surrounded by person-sized video screens. They can see an image of the person they are talking to, who is in another t-room somewhere. This allows for some video conferencing that is exponentially better than FaceTime on the iPhone 4. You can watch the video after the jump to see what is up.

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Steampunk iRetrofone iPhone Base

Finding the proper iPhone dock to really represent your iPhone can be tricky business.  Especially if you’re a very particular person who prefers to keep their gadgets as unique as humanly possible.  Thankfully there are enough hard working men and women out there that strive to make interesting accessories for all sorts of gadgets.  One example of that is the iRetrophone-Steampunk iPhone Base.

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Portable office for the easily movable workspace

As a professional blogger, I don’t really have an office per se. In fact, all I really need to do my job are three things: a laptop, an electrical outlet, and a stable Wi-Fi hotspot.

However, I used to work for “the man”, and there is one thing that I know about corporations: never have permanent office space. Perhaps you work in an office where there is this unnecessary shuffling of cubicles, and I’m sure you are having a hard time seeing the big picture.

I would suggest that you simply make your office spaces more portable with these portable offices. As you can see, all your office equipment such as chairs, desk, shelves, etc. can all be put on this one thing, and then moved with the simplicity of a wheelbarrow. After the jump is a picture of what it all looks like when it is placed.

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