Amped Wireless – up to 10,000 Sq. Feet of Wi-Fi Goodness

I used to spend a lot of time tied to my desk computer, then finally we had wireless routers and laptops, so I was at least able to make it into the living room. I always dreamed of the day I could be out by the pool, in the wine cellar or over in the East wing and still be able to access the internet on my trusty laptop or iPad.

Well, dreams have become reality (almost) as Amped Wireless begins shipping the Premium Series, long range, High Power Wireless-N 600mW Gigabit Router capable of up to 10,000 sq. ft. of Wi-Fi coverage for large homes, backyards or offices.

Amped Wireless, the leading manufacturer of high-power, long-range wireless communication products for the home and office, announces the nationwide availability of the R10000G High Power Wireless-N 600mW Gigabit Router.

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The Neat Company goes to the cloud at CES

Most of you know that I am always looking for some sort of “neat factor” when it comes to the gadgets that I report about.
The Neat Company is something that I just had to write about. As soon as I saw how their NeatDesk can create digital copies of business cards, receipts, and 8 x 11 papers, I had to be a part of that vision. I mean, they have “neat” in their name, for crying out loud!
As you might have guessed, The Neat Company wants to make your desk clearer by removing the paper clutter and turning it into digital records. The Neat Company’s software uses optical character recognition to understand words from your paper files. It will then create a database for your contacts, and even an expense report for your receipts. Nice!
The Neat Company has also added NeatCloud and NeatMobile. NeatCloud provides users with their own customized cloud-based backup and automatically syncs with Neat’s software for “unfettered access to their information”. NeatMobile allows users to use their smartphones for capturing and storing information to their Neat digital filing systems.

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Tetra-Shed could change cubicles as we know it

Some of you might remember the parody of James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful” called “My Cubicle”, which is about a man who feels very insignificant in one of those cloth boxes that adorn many offices these days.
The Tetra-Shed is designed to give an office worker a definite space of their own with a wooden tent-like structure. It is designed by David Ajasa-Adekunle, and it reminds me of those blanket-tents that we used to make as kids.
I honestly can say that I could get a lot of work done here, and it comes with some deskspace, overhead storage, and some lighting. By the way, the entire thing can be closed up for privacy, which includes the doors as well as the windows.

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The Date Stapler solves two problems at the office

There’s nothing that I like more than products that solve two problems at once, especially when the two problems are generally related.
Most of us have business documents that have to be dated, just to make certain that everything is in order for tax time. Since related documents have to be stapled, why not have a product that can both date and staple things?
This would be the Date Stapler, which puts a date and a staple on at the same time. Normally, it would be stapled and then dated separately. It really is easier this way.

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LG Machjet LPP6010N is the fastest printer yet

Everyone is obsessed with the need for speed – otherwise, how else do you explain the ever increasing speed found in your computer processor as well as higher frame rates in video games? Printers aren’t exempt from this technological rat race too, you know, with the LG Machjet LPP6010N laying claim to be the fastest A4 color desktop printer in the world. It will be made available later this month via authorized LG resellers and channel partners, so do keep a keen eye out if you’re interested in upgrading your office or home’s printer to the LG Machjet LPP6010N.
Printing technology has long been limited to laser and traditional inkjet systems, but the Machjet ushers in a totally new world of printing technology which makes it possible to deliver high-quality color printing at unbelievable speeds and quality. Thanks to Memjet’s ground-breaking, high-density page-wide printheads and components, these will allow enable printers to operate twice as fast while costing half of what it normally does to run traditional color office printers (on average, of course).

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The Gymygym Chair – Workout at Work

My husband pointed out a common thread to most of my posts. That if a gadget cuts down on the amount of physical exertion required to do a task, I’m all for it. Well, just to prove him wrong, I’m going to introduce you to the Gymygym Chair, the world’s first ergonomic office / exercise chair designed for the busy executive.
The Gymygym’s patented flat bungee seating system is designed to conform to you, providing you with the perfect combination of give and support wherever you need it, but the coolest part is that GymyGym incorporates four unique and discretely integrated exercise stations in the body of the chair, allowing you to exercise and strengthen all your major muscle groups, all while hammering out the details of your next big deal at the office.

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Cool Leaf Mirror Keyboard is now a reality

About a year ago, we covered some concept products known as Cool Leaf, a keyboard with a mirrored surface. Generally, I don’t have much confidence in concept technology, but it is refreshing to see that Japanese company Minebea actually is going to sell the Cool Leaf keyboard.
The Mirrored keyboard is possible as the reflective surface is essentially one big capacitive touch panel. Though you may not hear any clickity-click of the keys, it has haptic feedback to give you a little vibration when you hit the keys.
One of the best parts is the easy clean option. All the user has to do is give it a good wipe, and it is clean. No more dust getting caught in between the keys anymore!

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X-Cool is a new gaming look for the calculator

Do you remember the day when a calculator was a separate tool from your cellular phone? Man, I can still remember the days when pocket calculators were expensive. They were really big back in the late seventies when the tech got small and cheap, but I highly doubt there is a big market for them now.
This particular calculator is known as the X-Cool, and it is a very obvious attempt to make math look cool by turning this calculator into a mod of a video game controller. The fact that the calculator has X in its title is a definite indicator of the X-box 360 controller that it is similar to, but it has the color of a PS3 one.

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Pentel airpenPocket digital pen

Pentel has something extremely interesting up their sleeves this time around, where what they are offering is definitely different from what you would expect. Instead of the business-as-usual stationery, along ambles the airpenPocket digital pen. Yup, by its name alone, you can tell that this is definitely something more than special.
Just what the heck is the airpenPocket, you ask? For the uninitiated, this is actually a digital pen which is capable of wirelessly transmitting characters as well as images it draws on paper to a computer. To know what kind of technological wizardry lies behind this writing instrument (or rather, inside its chassis), you might as well hit the rest of the post.

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