Aroma USB – Freshen Your Space and Your Mood

One of my first jobs was working in a huge office in one of those little cubicles. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the guy that worked directly across from me didn’t bring the most horrific things into the workplace to have for lunch. I’m talking liver and onion leftovers, some sort of day old curry and a runny brown concoction that I never was able to identify. I used to just sit in my rickety old desk chair and gag.
If only I had the Aroma USB, an incredibly useful USB operated cold mist ultrasonic fragrance dispenser. This non storage USB can be used with almost any fragrance oil available on the market, and it can deliver its ambiance enhancing scent for up to an entire week on a single refill. The Aroma USB promises to envelope up to a 10 foot area in aromatherapy -like bliss.

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iConvert Scanner – Digitizes Docs for iPad

Let’s face it, the iPad is an awesome little gadget, but it certainly does have its limitations. For all the things it can do, it seems like there’s a whole lot of potential left on the table. Some of that untapped potential is getting realized by third parties who are developing interesting apps and add-ons that make the iPad even more useful. So in investigating some of the available “gadgets for our gadgets”, I found something that might be pretty useful to some of us.
Welcome the iConvert scanner, an interesting tool for the iPad user that allows you to simply dock your iPad, press a button and feed your pictures, legal documents, receipts or recipes straight into the device and have them converted and saved directly on your iPad, perfect for saving, emailing, posting or printing. The device is small, easily portable and quite handy for a multitude of folks that have a need for this kind of organization.

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Tread Desk – Walk your way to Success

There is no doubt that I spend way too much time in front of my computer screen and not enough time exercising. Truth be told, if its not the computer its the TV. Couple that with paying bills and taking a few calls and its no wonder I almost always have to skip dessert. Well I for one, am sick of it. I like cake, darn it.
Check out the Tread Desk, designed with the busy executive in mind, the Tread Desk allows you to integrate exercise right into your workday, without having to waste time, you can actually walk, while you work. No more giving up your lunch hour to log a few miles, you can easily return a few calls and go over your spreadsheets while doing your body some real  good.

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USB Outlet Quattro-“the Gadget Plug”

As you can imagine I have a bunch of gadgets and they all come with their own little box that you plug the USB into, before you plug it into the wall outlet. I have a million of them. They are bulky, some have the little folding prongs, you need to make sure you have it with you all the time or you cant charge anything, literally just one of those everyday annoyances.
Well, here’s something you may not have seen before (at least I haven’t) and as I gaze upon it lovingly, I wonder to myself, where have you been all my life? Meet the Outlet Quattro, designed just for your ever popular USB charged gadgets and gizmos. Gone are the days where you will require those little detached black or white boxes, “high tech” your house and get these babies built right in.

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Classic Manual Typewriter – Complete with Clickity Clack

We reported sometime ago that the India-based typewriter manufacturing company known as Godrej and Boyce had closed its doors, and we suppossed that meant that no typewriters would ever be on the market again. I guess we all felt that way for a good reason, I mean, with computers and notebooks and countless other ways to get your thoughts on paper, who needed a typewriter, really?
Well Hammacher Schlemmer realized that there may be more than just a few old school devotees who pictured themselves click clacking away at the next great novel, and has brought back from the dead, a newly manufactured manual typewriter. Forget about the next great novel, I’ll just be happy to be able to address an envelope without having to read my printers instruction manual and figure out how to use the envelope tray. Geez.

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Go-Go The Staple-Less Stapler?

I gotta say I have a love/hate relationship with a darn staple, and I guess a stapler too. I mean, you simply have to staple sometimes. Its not the act of stapling that’s the problem, the biggest problem is the removing of the staples. Anytime I need to fax something, copy something or shred something, I’m faced with the task of de-stapling my papers. I hate it, and at this exact moment I am recovering from a disastourous unstapling injury, do you think I can get Tetanus from this?
Well never fear, I have found the answer to all our stapling dissatisfaction, the Staple-less staple set, these little magical wonders do away with the staples and bind your papers together by making a neat little hole that attaches by means of little paper “wings”. If my description was not provocative enough, rest assured that you can hit the link after the jump and watch a video of this miraculous, paper connecting wizardry.

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Emergency Underpants – Saving the World, One Pair at a Time

Has it happened to you? I’m fairly certain it has happened to everyone, I mean, its never happened to me personally of course. But I almost thought it happened to me once. Please understand, I was very young. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? I am speaking of a horrifying, untimely underpants emergency, the kind that leaves you trapped, paralyzed and unable to continue with the business of living. Few choose to talk about it, and until now, there wasn’t much of a solution to this very common problem.
People everywhere can now heave a collective sigh of relief with the availability of Accoutrement’s brand  “Emergency Underpants” these lovely white, disposable unisex briefs fit most, and are available in a 1 count package or for those pesky repeat emergencies, a decorative and economical pop-up dispenser. Similar to a tissue box, this fabulous dispenser comes to your rescue when just one pair of emergency underpants isn’t enough.

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