Movi Smartphone provides big screen entertainment on the go

movi-smartphoneWhen it comes to enjoying movies while you are on the move, many of us have resorted to copying a movie file onto our smartphones. The very thought of catching your favourite movie on a larger sized display is nice, but not so when you are mobile and need to move around frequently. What if there was an amalgamation of a projector and a smartphone? This idea is definitely not new, first mooted and developed by Samsung, before others such as the Logic Bolt Projector Phone made it to the market. However, these handsets did not really take off in reality, but the idea lives on through the Movi Smartphone, with Wireless Mobi Solution, Inc. being the driving force behind this device.

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Razer reveals the Project Linda hybrid laptop

project-lindaRazer continues its march in delivering top notch gaming hardware such as the Razer Core V2, while breaking new ground in other markets such as the smartphone arena. In a unique combination this time around, Razer has unveiled their latest masterpiece in the form of the Project Linda hybrid laptop. Why is it known as a hybrid laptop? The answer is pretty straightforward and simple: Project Linda arrives in the form of a 13.3-inch laptop design that is powered by the Android-based Razer Phone. This particular smartphone and laptop hybrid concept will hopefully be able to usher in a new era for mobile personal computing, where it brings together the familiar Android environment alongside the ease-of-use of a laptop.

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Nautiz X9 rugged PDA is one tough nut

nautiz-x9Nautiz X9 is an Android-powered PDA (personal digital assistant) that is more or less capable taking just about any kind of punishment that you throw in its direction, shrugging off knocks, drops, and even submersion without missing a beat. This enterprise handheld was specially built to function in areas of fieldwork that occur in the most challenging outdoor or industrial environments, while offering a performance that would not seem out of place for a high-powered mobile computer. This is definitely an improvement over its predecessor, the Nautiz X8.

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ION360 U 360-degree camera with wireless charging sleeve capability

ion360-uA protective case for a smartphone has been deemed to be a prerequisite for quite some time now, apart from a protective screen, of course. Well, ConvenientPower Systems has come up with something different this time around: an industry-first, even, in the form of the wireless charging design for the 360-degree smartphone camera that is known as the ION360 U. This is an all-new wireless charging accessory which is truly unique, offering an innovative solution for existing power-hungry social media, photo and video applications.

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Razer Phone: Bring it on!

razer-phoneWhen it comes to smartphones, there are many different tiers and models to choose from. Many of the working class would settle for a regular entry level to mid-range handset, but when you look at the flagship collection of smartphones from various manufacturers, that is when the drool starts to flow. Razer might be more famous for their collection of serious gaming peripherals and even the odd gaming laptop or two, but this time around, the company has decided to venture into the world of mobile entertainment through the Razer Phone.

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Cat S41 smartphone is tough as nails

cat-s41When it comes to tough smartphones, there might be the commercially attractive Samsung Galaxy S Active family, but no doubt that handset will not be able to hold a candle to the likes of the Cat S31. This time around, there is a new model that is ready to hit the market for those who would like a tough handset, the Cat S41 smartphone. This rugged smartphone will no doubt be able to handle just about anything and everything that you can throw at it, so let us dive into its hardware capabilities right after the jump.

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Porsche Design Huawei Mate 10 redefines luxurious style in smartphones

porsche-design-mate10Huawei has certainly done very well for itself to be one of the major smartphone manufacturers in the world, and some of their flagship models like the Honor 9 and Mate 9 have definitely captured the attention of many. However, they have also collaborated with the likes of Porsche Design in the past, and this time around, the same kind of luxurious design mandata has fallen upon the shoulders of the Huawei Mate 10. The Porsche Design Huawei Mate 10 can be said to be the ultimate in luxury and functional design for a Huawei smartphone to date.

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Studio Stick portable recording studio for smartphones

studio-stickThe modern day smartphone is indeed an indispensable tool for anyone and everyone, where it functions as our primary camera, our navigation device, our portable media player, our fitness tracker, and for some, a simple microphone to take down audio notes as and when required. All of these in addition to it being a primary communications device to keep us connected to the rest of the world. However, no one has really tried to turn the smartphone into a portable recording studio, not until now with the introduction of the Studio Stick.

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Cat S31 is a smartphone that is built to last

cat-s31Now here is a smartphone that those who have butterfingers are able to identify with — the Cat S31. What makes the Cat S31 so special? For starters, this is a rugged and resilient smartphone that comes packed to the brim in order to enable it to face harsh environments, or great adventures outdoors. Either way, it does not matter, as it will continue to work just fine.

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Alpha-One smartphone launched by Tonino Lamborghini

alpha-oneMention the brand Lamborghini and many people would have thoughts of an exotic supercar that will set hearts aflutter, regardless of your gender. However, the Lamborghini brand has also managed to sneak its way into the world of smartphones, with the Alpha-One being the latest smartphone that has been launched in the UK exclusively with London department store Harrods. It makes plenty of sense, right? High street department store Harrods would not settle for anything less than the best, and makes a good fit with Lamborghini.

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