Umbrella doubles as a squirt gun

Just to let you know, this particular device is not out on the market yet. Which is too bad, as I can think of a few mischievous uses for an umbrella that also has a squirt gun.
After all, if it is raining outside, you might as well be funneling the water on the top of the umbrella into a squirt gun on the handle. Too bad this gun is too obvious, as it would have been better as a concealed weapon. After all, who wouldn’t want to be the only one who stays dry in the midst of umbrellas while it is pouring out? Let the other umbrella-bearers be wet and not know why.

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Giant lady appears in Hamburg's Alster Lake

We have seen some interesting giant sculptures before, like those big ones powered by the wind. This one that you see here is created by Oliver Voss on Alster Lake in Hamburg.
According to my Source, it appeared in the lake on August 3, and it rises four meters above the surface of the water. It is not a permanent edition to this body of water, as it will stop being on display until August 12.
This sculpture is called “Badenixe”, which translates to “bathing beauty”. Another name is “Riesen-Nixe”, which translates to “grand mermaid”. Clearly, it doesn’t look like a traditional mermaid, as it apparently does not have a fish tail. Unless this lady has some backwards arms, those two lumps in front of her are legs.

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AstroClip brings your iPhone and telescope together

My wife has an application on her Android phone that allows her to identify star constellations, but this AstroClip iPhone Accessory is taking star gazing on the mobile to a whole new level.
The AstroClip is a camera enhancement that allows the user to attach their iPhone to their telescope with 3 adjustable screws. This gives the user the opportunity to take a picture of the new comet that he or she has discovered.
I suppose that you will have to decide who is the best person to send the picture to if you find that asteroid that will destroy the world like in Armageddon or Deep Impact. I wonder if Hollywood will do this plot yet again, and whether this device will make a cameo appearance.

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MicroVision PicoP head-up display technology arrives in test vehicles

Technology in vehicles have surely come a long way from its early days until now, and we even have some sort of Heads Up Display in BMWs operating for some time already to help the driver keep his or her eyes on the road all the time, while gaining access to vital information at all times without missing a beat. Well, MicroVision might just be in on the next big thing with their PicoP head-up display technology known as PicoHUD, being implemented in test vehicles already.
This move, if it gains traction, might just end up with the commercialization of its PicoHUD technology within a mass production car model – perhaps targeted for introduction three years from now? MicroVision’s contract will see the automotive manufacturer and its Tier 1 supplier work together with MicroVision to roll out advanced HUD prototypes which will feature next-generation PicoP display engine that are based on direct green lasers.

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Jawbone's Up wristband tells you that "you need to be on a diet"

I’m sure that you’re probably familiar with Jawbone, makers of some quality Bluetooth headsets like the ERA. This particular wristband is made for those who want to lose weight.
Simply known as the Up, this wristband is filled with sensors, and it is designed to be wirelessly connected to a smartphone App on either iOS or Android so you can track sleeping, eating, and other activities thanks to its accelerometer.
The App allows the user to take pictures of his or her meals, and I am guessing that it counts calories. I’ve heard of healthy Apps that can do that, but I can’t vouch for their accuracy.

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Dave Forbes' LED-TV Lab coat set for Burning Man

I’ve seen attempts at mixing displays with clothing before, and they usually end up being a stiff screen on loose clothing.
Yeah, it isn’t really a good fit, but Dave Forbes has created a 160 x 120 LED video coat that somehow plays video all over. You can watch a video of it after the jump, and you can see how it works.
You can see that it is pretty DIY, and is essentially circuit boards and LED flex boards hot glued to a lab coat material. The video feed stems from the iPod, and you can see that there are knobs for adjusting the color, brightness, and even a way of toggling it to black and white.
Dave Forbes plans on wearing this coat at Burning Man in the summer. He will have to change the batteries every hour or so, though.

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The Tsunami Escape Pod

I’m sure that some of our readers are still dealing with the damage of the Tsunami that hit Japan. It is difficult to prepare for a catastrophe like that, but two Boeing engineers are working on a way with the Tsunami capsule.
I realize that the picture here is a really bad mock-up, but you can see how it would work. It is essentially a 7-foot ball that is made for a family of six. These six people would strap themselves in at the first sign of a tsunami, which I am guessing is when the tide recedes.
When the big wave strikes, what follows is probably one of the most thrilling and expensive amusement park rides ever. This ball will undoubtedly be crashing and bobbing up in the water, but it would eventually settle down.

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The Avenger Adapter for the Xbox 360

I’m sure that you are probably looking at this Xbox 360 controller and wondering what kind of cybernetic job was done on it.
This is the Avenger, and it has nothing to do with Marvel’s super-hero team or that really interesting British spy show that was done in the 1960s. The Avenger is designed to speed up the performance of the XBox 360 gamer.
It does so by electronically stimulating the knuckles so the gamer becomes as fast as The Six Million Dollar Man. Just kidding. Find out how it really works after the jump.

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The PowerNap Machine – Carry some ZZZ’s in your Pocket

I find myself exhausted most of the time, and everything I’ve ever read suggests I try napping, but every time I do, I have a problem waking up and I usually feel more listless than I did before. Not to mention I always have the feeling I’m going to get caught napping in the middle of the afternoon. Geez… Isn’t napping reserved for babies and really really old people?
Well not PowerNapping! PowerNap audio products would like to introduce you to The PowerNap Machine, a pocket-sized media player that facilitates sleep… Patented Power Nap waveforms have been encoded onto a device that is completely portable and features original and relaxing music composed just for Power Nap which fades away gradually, finally disappearing into the Power Nap sounds that rest and rejuvenate you. Enjoy the melody as you get the equivalent of three hours of deep sleep in just 20 minutes!

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