Stylus + Pen + Laser Pointer from Griffin Technology

There is nothing that I like more than a laser pointer, and Griffin Technology has a good one with the Stylus + Pen + Laser Pointer.
As the name implies, this laser pointer has a pen and a stylus on it. There really isn’t anything too special about the pen, but the pen portion can flip around for a rubber-tipped touchscreen stylus.
The stylus is good for when you want more specific touches on your touchscreen. Since a lot of gaming applications require precise touches in order to win, this stylus could come in handy on tablet games.

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Animatronic doors could scare the Tootsie Rolls out of trick-or-treaters this Halloween

I remember visiting Disney’s Haunted House ride, and being more than slightly creeped out by the doors that were banging loudly, as if some monster behind them was trying to break out.
This Animatronic door is incredible advancement that gives a visual appeal. You seriously need to watch the video after the jump if you want to a good scare.
This effect is as simple as putting a 22-inch LCD monitor with a DVD of Mr. Tough Guy trying to break through the “glass”. The pneumatics are queued at the appropriate moments so it looks like the prisoner might succeed in breaking out.

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Presenting the world's first moving building!

Some of us live or have lived in mobile homes, but what if an entire apartment building could be moved?
This three story apartment building is the first of its type to be moved, anywhere. It was first installed in Turku on the southeast coast of Finland, but it can be moved with a crane. In fact, the owners plan on moving it to a new location somewhere else on the coast.
In fact, you can watch a video here of it being moved on a large raft. The building can actually be transported on the road as well, and, as much as I would like to see that, I don’t have any footage of it.

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Would you buy a phone like this? Samsung hopes so.

What you are looking at in this picture is not a phone that is on the market today, but really should be. It is a concept phone by a designer named Heyon You for Samsung.
It is made from two AMOLED panels, a protective glasses cover, module case, and silicone rubber. It also has a foldable display, which is not new technology in the sense that someone has done it before. I’ve been hearing about foldable and rollable displays since I started reporting about tech 5 years ago.
I always thought that whoever gets their hands on the flexible display could make a killing, but they would have to work well. Samsung has stated that this bendable display can take a punishment of 100,000 folds before a six percent decrease in brightness along the seam.

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Defusable Alarm Clock

I think we all know from movies that bombs are always in the form of rolls of dynamite, a few colored wires, and red numbers that let everyone know when they are going to go off.
I figure that something with that awkward of a design just has to be made into a clock timer. If you let the timer count down from 10 to 0, it will “go off” in the form of blinking lights. Unless you can cut the proper wire, the timer will freeze, preferably at 1 second left, for extra suspense.
You can watch a video after the jump, and you will see how it works. You will notice the guy says “whew” after he defuses the bomb. Just let you know, the faux-bomb changes its wire every time.

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Privacy Shell will get people looking at you

What you are seeing here in this photo are Wearable Privacy Shells. I believe that the purpose of this device is to shield out the rest of the world for at least a few moments.
I am guessing that a few moments of peace is all that you will get as everyone will be looking at you after that. However, I have seen situations where people ignore the strangest and most unusual things. Just go to a big city and you’ll see all kinds of people that people just walk by every day.
You will notice that this Privacy Shell is designed for two people, but there are Privacy Shells that cover just the face, or just the eyes. You can see more at my Source link after the jump.

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The Looftlighter lets my fire!

This weekend, I had a chance to try out the Looftlighter, and I was not certain what I was getting into. At first I thought it was some device to light fires, like an advanced Aim-and-Flame.
What I got was not what I expected. The Looftlighter is a device that plugs into the wall, and is able to start fires without lighter fluid. Considering that much of my barbeque budget goes to lighter fluid, I was intrigued.

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Hologram alerts passengers at Paris' Orly Airport

Some of you might remember the holograms that we covered at Luton Airport of London. It would appear that Paris’ Orly airport has holograms as well.
Like Luton, these holograms at Orly are rear-projected on human-shaped plexiglass. Unlike the ones at Luton, these holograms are not stationed at the security, but designed to alert passengers where and when to board their flight.
Yes, they are not a holographic as the cool ones that we see in Star Wars, but they will do. Orly installed them along with their additional seating and room for 400 waiting passengers. You can watch a video of it after the jump.

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