British plug gets a makeover

Everyone knows the British plug – and chances are, it sees plenty of action outside of the British islands as well, considering how at one point in time, the sun never set on the British Empire, hence seeing the British power plug in action across other countries. You know the saying – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Having said that, the British plug has remained unchanged in terms of design after the Second World War, which is more than six decades – and counting. I guess no one really found any real reason to change it, but perhaps things might not be the same any more down the road.
After all, that (normally) white chunk of plastic that is a permanent fixture in millions of homes has certainly put on some weight – relatively speaking, of course, compared to the notebooks, smartphones, TVs and tablets that we have come to know and love. Min-Kyu Choi, a designer who hails from South Korea and was trained at London’s Royal College of Art, has managed to come up with the first folding plug in the world.

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Roadkill Toys – They take Guts to Play with… Literally

I spent my Sunday at the Toy Fair here in NYC, and while I have quite a few things to share with you, (and I will) for some reason these toys are the ones I can’t seem to forget about! They were adorable, cartoon-y, then shocking, hysterically funny and I couldn’t help but smile all day, they were thought out down to the last detail, super professional and as it ends up, I just have to have one! I mean, I’ll get one for my daughter, yes.. that’s it, that’s my story.
Meet Roadkill toys, they embody every single characteristic of a warm and fuzzy, collectable, super cuddly plush animal, of course one that has been run over… perhaps more than once… and their crucial internal organs are hanging out, but rest assured that their entrails can be tucked back inside and zippered up for the more squeamish among us. Complete with body bags, toe tags and a suitable for framing certificate of death, these suckers are what kids dreams are made of… um nightmares? Well, anyway, lets just say they should have some sort of sleep issues with these adorable little dead things.

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Shutter Huggers are the bee’s knees

You know, coaxing a smile out of a person is a skill that all photographers should have, especially more so if you happen to be a professional photographer. After all, there are times when your subjects are having a tiff (a husband and wife’s portrait shots could be held on the day when they were actually going through some difficult moments together), so you might want to reserve some of the wittier comments that you picked up along the years of your trade to introduce a smile into the frame.
As for kids, they too, can be very temperamental, although a frowning kid might eventually end up as an Internet meme, but other than that, capturing their emotions is definitely an art. For folks who have already run out of the supply of silly songs, crazy faces, and fantastic prizes so that kids will glance your way as you shoot an image, here is a product which might just save the day (and your reputation) – the Shutter Huggers!

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Emergency Underpants – Saving the World, One Pair at a Time

Has it happened to you? I’m fairly certain it has happened to everyone, I mean, its never happened to me personally of course. But I almost thought it happened to me once. Please understand, I was very young. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? I am speaking of a horrifying, untimely underpants emergency, the kind that leaves you trapped, paralyzed and unable to continue with the business of living. Few choose to talk about it, and until now, there wasn’t much of a solution to this very common problem.
People everywhere can now heave a collective sigh of relief with the availability of Accoutrement’s brand  “Emergency Underpants” these lovely white, disposable unisex briefs fit most, and are available in a 1 count package or for those pesky repeat emergencies, a decorative and economical pop-up dispenser. Similar to a tissue box, this fabulous dispenser comes to your rescue when just one pair of emergency underpants isn’t enough.

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Sony DSC-TX200V digital camera is super slim

Thin is still in where digital cameras are concerned, and while we took a look at a couple of shooters from Panasonic yesterday, Sony too, did not want to lose out on the game, and the Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer has just added yet another model to the ultra-thin Cyber-shot T series – with the model number DSC-TX200V. You might want to look into expanding that external storage space collection of yours if you happen to pick up the new TX200V camera though, considering it is capable of shooting 18.2-megapixel images thanks to its “Exmor R” CMOS sensor.
This would clearly place the Sony DSC-TX200V as the highest-resolution digital camera that is currently on offer in the “point and shoot” market segment, and when coupled with the spanking new BIONZ processor, both of them will work in tandem to create images as well as video files with extremely low noise.

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The Smartphone ECG- You Knew it was Coming

Okay, so it used to be that smartphone healthcare applications were simply novelty items that were fun to play around with but served no place in mainstream medicine, but didn’t we suspect that someday your phone or tablet might actually help physicians to save lives and reduce the cost of care? 
Welcome Everist Genomics, a relatively new, but fast growing medical technologies company, that has just successfully integrated smartphone and tablet computer technology with truly innovative and finally, medically valuable diagnostics in the areas of cardiovascular disease, metabolic diseases, (like diabetes) and even cancer.  So meet Everist Genomics’ CardioDefender. The CardioDefender is the world’s first FDA-approved  smartphone ECG (electrocardiogram) system that can actually provide physicians and patients with hospital-quality heart rhythm monitoring all done OUTSIDE of the hospital setting.  

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The Floating Flamer – Swim Over and Get Me a Cheeseburger!

I’m guessing that most of us have already enjoyed the pleasure of a water lounger and a floating ice chest and of course who hasnt enjoyed a swim up bar? Oh the pleasures of the water, sun and the sand. What could be better than all that you ask yourself… and now you actually have an answer… The Flaming Floater! Now just wait, before you guess what that means, let me tell you.
Imagine if you will, a hot summer day at the lake, your friends are gathered together, swimming and having a few beers and you launch an incredible floating grill… steaks and hamburgers, hot dogs for the kids, your buddies hanging around the grill, waist deep in the inviting water. How cool are you? Literally?

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8MM is back without the film or the app!

Some of you might remember 8mm film, or at least remember the film 8mm with Nicholas Cage. Thanks to the Fuuvi, makers of the USB Mini Digital Camera, 8mm is back.
In case you are wondering, the Fuuvi Bee apparatus that you see in the picture has no 8mm film in it, and it doesn’t house an iPhone or other type of smartphone. All the film is done digitally, and it has a pretty wimpy resolution of 640 x 480.
You can see what a video looks like after the jump. It also does stills at 1280 x 960, and it is noticeably smaller than an 8mm camera. There is also no sound of 8mm motors working.

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