Samsung Galaxy Camera launched

Does the world really need yet another digital camera? The correct answer would be an unequivocal and resounding, “Yes!”. Well, you know that the camera industry is going to continue moving forward with ever higher resolution, not to mention advancements in video recording technology, but how about the operating system of the camera? That has more often than not been overlooked, so Samsung might be on to something here with their maiden attempt at an Android-powered camera, the Samsung Galaxy Camera. Yes sir, we are referring to the mobile operating system from Google that sees actions on smartphones and tablets, now making its way to a camera. How does it fare? Hit the extended post to know more.

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Canon EOS M digital camera enters into the mirrorless territory

Canon has long been a leader in the world of DSLRs, but when it comes to smaller sized shooters, Canon had largely concentrated on commercially viable consumer and prosumer class digital cameras, not really treading on the mirrorless camera technology known as Micro Four Thirds which has been around for some years now. The mirrorless camera comes close to a DSLR in terms of image quality, and yet is far less bulkier in terms of size, not to mention allowing you to change a fair number of lenses (a market which is growing), making it a favorite secondary camera to many.
Well, Canon has finally decided to dip their toes into this particular market, by offering the Canon EOS M digital camera which is said to deliver exceptional EOS Full HD video quality with continuous autofocus, not to mention having it accompanied by a notable and expansive range of lenses.

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Do you want your Baby to Look like a Celebrity?


There really is no good reason to feel uncomfortable engaging in a conversation about a sperm bank. There are a number of perfectly understandable reasons to utilize the services of such a place, and I do believe that people should be able to have children if they want to, and its certainly none of my business how they go about it. There isn’t too much new in the sperm business these day, but there is something you may not have heard about…
California Cryobank, a reproductive tissue service, is offering a Donor look-a-like program, offering you the subjective input of the Cryobanks’s employees who let perspective parents choose a baby-daddy who they think looks like your favorite star. So if you want a “baby like Beckham” this may be the place for you. If a donor looks like more than one famous person, they will list them all for you, making it easier for you to visualize what your offspring may ultimately look like.

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Polaroid Z2300 instant digital camera

Polaroid has just announced their latest instant digital camera, the Polaroid Z2300. Of course, we do know that Polaroid has long been the name in terms of instant photos, and here we are with their latest interpretation of the instant digital camera – which is the Z2300. Just how does the Z2300 work? For starters, it will rely on the tried and tested integrated printer with ZINK Technology, allowing users to instantly capture, edit and take less than 60 seconds to print full color, 2″ by 3” prints. Not only that, it is also a snap for you to upload images to any social media platform with the Z2300, where everything required to do all that has been mentioned has been crammed into a form factor which is extremely compact.

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Tattoos that can Monitor your Blood Sugar?

There is diabetes in my family, although I don’t have it, I am all too familiar with the routine. I guess like almost everything in life you get used to doing whatever it is you have to do. Some folks seem to adapt so much better than others. I think I would be a  poor adapter, the simplest things make me crazy, so having to poke myself with a needle several times a day would make me nuts. Luckily for people like me, things are starting to change.
We recently reported on a glucose monitoring iPhone app and other interesting ways to keep track of your blood sugar levels, but heres one you may not have heard about – a nanoparticle ink tattoo that can keep track of your levels without the need for the constant finger pokes and annoying blood squeezing onto those little paper strips.

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Epson PowerLite X15 projector

Epson does not only churn out printers, but they do have a mean collection of projectors as well. One of the latest projector models to be released by Epson to the masses would be the PowerLite X15, where it is said to target small- and medium-sized classrooms in addition to conference rooms, all for a mere $599.
The Epson PowerLite X15 will oust the extremely popular PowerLite 92, and just to get a rough idea on why size does not matter, this new projector is capable of delivering up to 3,000 lumens color and white light output in XGA resolution, as well as sporting advanced connectivity without breaking the bank for home users or small organizations and educational institutions.

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