Waterproof Shower Notebook lets you write down those important mid-shower thoughts


Everyone has that one special spot where they are able to clear their mind, and do some of their best thinking. Maybe it’s under your favorite tree in the park, or on your back porch. Wherever it is, if you need to get your creative juices flowing, this is the spot to go. For me, that spot is in the shower. Whether I’m taking a long hot shower, or soaking in the tub, most of my best ideas originate there. Unfortunately, writing them down can be a bit of a challenge, as water and paper aren’t the best of friends.

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This Universal Docking Station brings some simplicity to your gadgets

We live in an age of mobile technology. Many of us can’t seem to get by without carrying at least one or two gadgets with us at all times. When you’ve got a phone in your pocket, a tablet and a laptop in your bag, and maybe a handheld console, things can start to look pretty hairy around your outlets at home. When this starts to happen, sometimes what you need is a low-tech solution to your cabling mess.

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Samsung delivers Evernote on the WB250F SMART camera

samsung-wb250fWe do come across a slew of smart devices in this day and age, ranging from smart cars, to smartphones, smart houses, smart windows, smart buildings, a smart TV, smart watches, and heck, why not thrown in a smart camera into the mix as well? Samsung did embark on the path of smart cameras in recent memory with the Samsung WB250F SMART camera, but this time around, the South Korean consumer electronics giant has decided to take a slightly different route by announcing the integration of Evernote into the aforementioned WB250F SMART camera. When you use the power and potential of Evernote with Samsung’s SMART camera 2.0 technologies, users will be able to discover a new method of capturing and synchronizing photos across any device that already comes with Evernote installed.

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Floating Cooler Fridge lets your cold drinks float next to you

One of the best ways to beat the heat is to relax in a pool, or even the ocean. There’s just something about the cool water on your skin while you feel the sun’s rays beating down upon your face. Whether you’re swimming laps, or just chilling out with some friends, it’s a great way to spend your day. Until you realize that you’ve got nothing cold nearby to quench your thirst. If only you had a container to keep them in, that you could bring into the water with you.

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Zombie Head Bowling Balls – Got my Head in the Gutter!

Zombies have been around for an awfully long time, but I’m not exactly sure when these guys made it to the “popular” table. Everywhere I look I’m reminded of the pending Zombie apocalypse. So I have food and water saved, a goodly supply of Zombie stopper bullets and am strongly considering a moat around my house… what else can I do?

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Sceptre CarCam Recorder CCR2000

You can never tell just when an accident is about to happen, which is why such events are knowns as accidents in the first place. When you are behind the wheel, riding a bicycle or a motorcycle, it is imperative that you keep your eyes peeled on the road ahead at all times, as accidents happen in the blink of an eye if you are not careful. Paying full attention would give you the advantage of having the fastest response time possible, and this might eventually end up to be the difference between life and death. Having said that, whenever you are driving, it pays to just leave your smartphone alone, never mind that there is voice dictation capability in recent times. Just to make sure your ride has an additional witness, the Sceptre CarCam Recorder CCR2000 would record whatever is going on in front of you as proof just in case someone in front of you cuts into your lane suddenly without any signal, and claim otherwise.

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How Lamborghini Celebrates a Birthday

Happy 50th birthday Lamborghini! Yes, these sleek speed machines have graced roadways – and garages of the rich – for five decades. In very Automobili Lamborghini style they are pulling out all the stops to commemorate their anniversary. And I mean ALL the stops. Unveiled this week prior to the start of the Geneva Auto Show was the Lamborghini Veneno, a $3.9M supercar. (And you thought your friend’s 50th surprise birthday party was a hefty expense.) Only three Veneno’s will be produced for sale. Once you get done dropping expletives read on to get the details of what a $3.9M supercar entails.

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Better Rest While Traveling


Ahhhh the joys of travel. Vacation trips are certainly worth the hassle of getting there and back. Work trips – not so much. Any experienced traveler knows that keeping yourself comfortable and relaxed during the transit process is key. Comfortable clothes help. Maybe you enjoy having your tunes or movies pumping into your ears. If you intend to sleep, prevent the “35,000 foot head bob” as I like to call it, that boomerang type action that you subconsciously undertake when letting your head relax to one side or another. It is amazing more travelers don’t end up with whiplash when attempting to correct the head bob. Maybe you have a travel pillow – you know, those C shaped things – which helps, but the weight of your head still cranes your neck in directions that really can’t be good for us.

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