Japanese company REAL-f can print a 3-D mask of your face

Considering that Halloween is about twenty days away, have you thought about a costume yet? Have you considered dressing up as yourself?
The Japanese company REAL-f can help you as they have a 3-D printer that can make a very detailed replica of your face. They can print out everything from the skin tone, freckles, and eyebrows, and put them all on molded resin.
Hey, if you and a friend want to go in together, you can dress up as…each other! Granted, the effect will probably be like putting a realistic mannequin’s face on your own, but it will leave people guessing.

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Noah Disaster Shelter

For those that need some protection from natural disasters, you might want to consider the Noah Disaster Shelter.
I think the product is well-named, but it isn’t an ark capable of holding two of every animal on Earth. It can hold about four people. Apparently, there is a pole in the middle to hold onto, and there are pillows to keep one safe. I don’t have any word if there are any seat belts, but there should be.
The idea is that you and three others get inside this thing, and it bobs to the top after the tsunami, earthquake, or flood goes over. I am assuming that once the big yellow ball bobs to the top, you can call for a helicopter to come pick you up.

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The Powerbag Messenger charges your devices as you carry them

Once again, a device has shown up on the market that allows users to forget that they have charged their mobile devices instead of forgetting to charge them. This type of charger does sit on your desk, but it is a bag that you take with you. This is the Powerbag Messenger by Ful, and it allows you to charge your tablet, smartphone, iPod, or other mobile devices.
The secret is the removable battery inside, that can be charged with the included AC cord. When the battery is docked with the cradle inside the bag, the user can check its battery level by hitting the power button. LED light indicators (four in all) reveal how much power is in the battery. The user can then hook up to the Apple connector, micro-USB, or mini-USB, which are conveniently located in the Messenger bag’s pockets. The battery even has a USB port for anything that is USB chargeable!

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Stylus + Pen + Laser Pointer from Griffin Technology

There is nothing that I like more than a laser pointer, and Griffin Technology has a good one with the Stylus + Pen + Laser Pointer.
As the name implies, this laser pointer has a pen and a stylus on it. There really isn’t anything too special about the pen, but the pen portion can flip around for a rubber-tipped touchscreen stylus.
The stylus is good for when you want more specific touches on your touchscreen. Since a lot of gaming applications require precise touches in order to win, this stylus could come in handy on tablet games.

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Foam Dart Rotary Cannon

Want to let loose in an Arnie moment when he was still young, did not bonk anything and everything in a skirt, and was the macho man in Predator? Then surely the Foam Dart Rotary Cannon will allow you to re-enact any scenes from the movies that feature a gatling gun in action, although the … Read more

Igloo Village in Finland lets you see the northern lights, in luxury

This is Igloo Village in Finland, and if you want to see the northern lights without saying “B-r-r-r”, this is the place.
Apparently, many people came from far and wide to see the dazzling natural beauty of the northern lights, but they were getting cold feet on their trip. The creator of this Igloo Village wanted to make something to help them out, and built a fleet of glass-topped igloos.
Each igloo is made of thermal glass and so the view stays clear of frost even when the outside temperature drops to -30 Celsius (man that is cold). These igloos also have a toilet and comfy beds. You can watch a video of it after the jump that will give you more information.

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