Samsung Series 7 Gamer notebook

When it comes to games, gamers certainly know what they want in their own hardware configuration. Most of the time, what they have is not able to satisfy them, as they are always on the lookout for something better and more powerful. While we do know that notebooks are not exactly the most ideal platform for one to play the latest and greatest games, it is still better compared to the relatively simpler titles that appear on your iPhone, Android device, iPad or Nintendo 3DS. Enter the gaming notebook genre, and Samsung decides to try their luck in this segment with the Samsung Series 7 Gamer notebook.

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Epson PowerLite X15 projector

Epson does not only churn out printers, but they do have a mean collection of projectors as well. One of the latest projector models to be released by Epson to the masses would be the PowerLite X15, where it is said to target small- and medium-sized classrooms in addition to conference rooms, all for a mere $599.
The Epson PowerLite X15 will oust the extremely popular PowerLite 92, and just to get a rough idea on why size does not matter, this new projector is capable of delivering up to 3,000 lumens color and white light output in XGA resolution, as well as sporting advanced connectivity without breaking the bank for home users or small organizations and educational institutions.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF5 is another feather in Panasonic's hat

When it comes to a compromise between DSLR performance and that of a standard issue digital camera, there is no other better example than the Micro Four Thirds family from Panasonic and Olympus, although others might want to pull in Samsung and Sony into the mix, but I would say that the two Japanese giants are at the front of the race at the moment. Having said that, Panasonic continues to work hard to remain at the top of the pack with the Lumix DMC-GF5 camera being announced.
This is the latest interchangeable lens system camera from Panasonic that will feature a newly developed 12.1-megapixel Live MOS sensor and redesigned Venus Engine, ensuring that you will end up with stunning results that resemble true-to-life images that boast of exceptional resolution, image rendering and color reproduction. It does not matter if you are shooting in low-light conditions, as they boast a maximum 12800 high ISO sensitivity.

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Lensbaby Composer Pro targets Micro Four Thirds cameras

When it comes to digital cameras, there are those who use the standard entry level to mid-range digital cameras, while serious enthusiasts as well as professionals decide to fall back upon the DSLR. However, in recent years, there has been a new category that cropped up along the way – the Micro Four Thirds segment, and it has been embraced by Panasonic, Olympus, Sony and Samsung. I am then pleased to announce that camera accessories manufacturers have not overlooked this particular new segment of the digital camera market, and Lensbaby fails to disappoint with their latest Composer Pro which targets Micro Four Thirds cameras.
The Composer Pro is Lensbaby’s popular SLR creative effects camera lens that will now play nice with Panasonic’s Lumix G Micro System range, Olympus’ PEN series, Sony’s very own α NEX, and Samsung’s NX shooters. Basically, the Composer Pro for mirrorless cameras will also play nice with the Lensbaby Optic Swap System, where it will ship with the Double Glass Optic installed.

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Take photos with your fingers thanks to the Ubi-Camera

You remember when you were a little kid, and there was no such thing as digital cameras back then? Most of the time, when our parents wanted to snap photos of their exuberant and energy filled children running around, a stern shout is required to make sure we all stop in our tracks, tuck in our shirts, straighten out ourselves and pose in front of the camera. Dad would then use his hands to “frame” a particular shot, by making an L-shape with his thumb and pointing finger on both hands, merging them into a rectangle, followed by clicking on the shutter button.
Who would have thought that such a physical act would finally end up in the 21st century as a gesture that might just kick start the way we shoot photos? These days, digital cameras are all the rage, and even smaller kids do have a DSLR that they can call their own. Well, the Ubi-Camera might just change or rather, revolutionize the way things are run – allowing you to capture photos that have been composed simply by framing them using your hands. This is a prototype miniature camera that is being developed by a research group at the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, which we will read about later after the jump.

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Sony α57 DSLR is ready take over the α55

Sony certainly knows how to branch out in terms of product variety, and one of the niches that they have tried out in recent memory (instead of spearheading it) would be the digital camera market, and I must say that their DSLRs are decent offerings, although you still find most wedding photographers stick to Nikon or Canon for their work. Well, this has certainly not stopped Sony from rolling out newer models in due time, and this time around, we have the Sony α57 that will be the latest addition of their popular line of A-mount cameras which employ Translucent Mirror Technology.
Just what does the innovative Translucent Mirror design offer? For starters, it is capable of directing incoming light to the CMOS image sensor and the AF sensor, both at the same time, so that full-time continuous AF during both still and video shooting will be able to happen. Not only that, users are also able to frame, focus and preview shots in real-time thanks to the high-resolution Tru-Finder electronic viewfinder. This delivers a wide viewing angle and 100% field of view for the end user, so that photographers know that what they see on the screen is exactly what they will capture.

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Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR announced

Canon is at the forefront of DSLR technology yet again with their latest model, the EOS 5D Mark III. It might not be the highest end model in the market, but that does not mean it is a slouch in terms of performance – I do not think a company like Canon that has so much riding on their name would settle for something sub-par, do you? Anyways, back to the main topic – the Canon EOS 5D Mark III will be placed in between the extremely popular EOS 5D Mark II as well as Canon’s top end model, the venerable EOS-1D X.
Just what does the EOS 5D Mark III carry? For starters, it is capable of delivering superb image quality courtesy of its new 22.3-megapixel full-frame Canon CMOS sensor, which works in tandem with a high-performance DIGIC 5+ Imaging Processor, a 61-point High Density Reticular Autofocus (AF) System and six frames-per-second (fps) continuous shooting speed.

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T-Mobile confirms carrying Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G

T-Mobile and Samsung have teamed up yet again, and this time their efforts has resulted in the availability of the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G when it rolls out later next month. It will be a T-Mobile exclusive, and the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G would not be a slouch in terms of performance either, as it comes from the pedigreed stock of Samsung’s Galaxy S line of products that has proved to be successful worldwide. This will be T-Mobile’s flagship 4G smartphone in March, where the superphone will be able to take advantage of 4G (HSPA+) technology, offering customers with the ability to browse the Web faster than the average home Internet connection whenever they are in vicinity of a 4G connection.
After all, the smartphone is becoming more and more an extension of the human personality, so it makes perfect sense that smartphones are capable of accessing information in a speedy manner – and hopefully the battery life on this, too, will be able to survive long enough for the day’s rigors of course.

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