Ricoh GR III breaks new ground for compact digital cameras

When was the last time that you actually took a serious, long look at a compact digital camera? Pretty long ago, isn’t it? After all, many of us are more than happy with the quality of images snapped on our respective smartphones, but Ricoh has something that might just prove to be worth checking out: the Ricoh GR III camera. Touted to be the latest model in the GR series from Ricoh, it is capable of delivering exceptional image quality in a compact, lightweight body, making it ideal for the likes of street photography, travel and ensuring that candid images are immortalized forever.

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PolarPro Defender keeps your camera lenses safe

Casual photographers do not care too much for purchasing a variety of lenses, but serious shutterbugs continue to search out the next best lens for their cameras. Traveling with a wide variety of lenses might give you options, but it also adds another headache as you constantly think about protecting your lenses from knocks and drops. The PolarPro Defender will help provide protection for your precious lenses in a whole new way thanks to its innovative design that is compatible with majority of entry-, mid- and pro-level lenses available on the market.

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D-Link Exo router series revealed

For many of us, a regular Wi-Fi network at home is good enough for everyday use. After all, how many of us happen to live in an unbelievably large mansion? It is however a rather common occurrence that in some places, there are dead spots where the Wi-Fi signal is unable to reach. Enter networking specialists D-Link with their latest D-Link Exo series of routers, debuting at the recently concluded CES 2019. D-Link has teamed up with security company McAfee to bring about a secure home network that simply works no matter which room you are in.

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Kate Spade Scallop 2 smartwatch

Not all smartwatches are created equal, with some of them more honed in on their functionality while others prefer to tread the middle line between practical use and style. Kate Spade of New York would like to offer plenty of style without losing out on any of its substance with the introduction of its signature Scallop 2 smartwatch. This touchscreen-enabled timepiece is the first smartwatch developed under Kate Spade’s new creative director, Nicola Glass, where it will incorporate a refined approach to color, a sense of discovery, and, of course, the signature mark of the fashion house: the spade.

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Hanwha Techwin reveals new baby monitor

Being a new parent does have its fair share of challenges, ranging from having your sleeping hours interrupted all too frequently because of feeding schedules, all the way to basing your everyday routine around baby’s timetable. For many of us, we still need to work, which is why having a baby monitor at home is essential in order to keep an eye on the little one while we are away. Hanwha Techwin has come up with its Wisenet BabyView Eco PT wireless video baby monitor that ought to help lift some of that heartache of being away from your newborn in a different room in a better manner.

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Nixplay Seed Wave connected frame

Digital photo frames used to be of interest in the past, although it never really took off in a manner which became a trend. However, this does not mean that there is no way for a somewhat similar idea to take hold of in the future. The all-new Seed Wave from Nixplay has just been announced at CES 2019, and it is surely an interesting proposition for anyone who would like to spruce up their home with something out of the ordinary.

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Satechi Aluminum Type-C Mobile Pro Hub Adapter

When it comes to accessories that enhance your mobile device experience, there is one particular brand name that stands out from the rest of the market: Satechi. Satechi has long made its mark in rolling out accessories that are proven to make everyday life more convenient, and their latest addition would be the highly anticipated Aluminum Type-C Mobile Pro Hub Adapter. Now available for purchase by the masses, this is one convenient hub that will be compatible with the newly launched iPad Pro from Apple as well as other kinds of Type-C smartphones and tablets, including iPad rivals such as the Microsoft Surface Go. With the Aluminum Type-C Mobile Pro Hub Adapter, it is able to empower users to unlock a USB-C device’s full potential through the provision of quick and easy access to peripherals in order to enjoy an uncompromised mobile experience.

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Mirror is a whole new way to exercise at home

mirrorWe all know that we need to move our bodies in an active manner each day in order to maintain an optimal level of health. That would be the nicer way of putting the idea of exercise forth, but when it comes to getting actual exercise done, many of us do find more excuses than reasons. What if you are a shy person and generally prefer the creature comforts of your own home? Sure, you can get one of those Peloton machines, or if you find freedom in running, then hit the treadmill, but those tend to lack a degree of human touch, if at all. Enter Mirror, an actual mirror for you to preen yourself in the mornings, and yet it comes with high-powered technology within.

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Mycro pocket light has something for everybody

nebo-mycroHave you ever found yourself in a situation where you thought, “Boy, do I wish I had a torch or light source of some sort?” For the ladies, it would most probably happen when you are rummaging through your handbag during the girls’ night out, especially when you are at the cinema or at a club. The guys? Well, guys won’t need a reason to own a light source, as they can always think of different ways to amuse themselves with one especially when drunk. NEBO has come up with something unique that virtually everyone should have: the Mycro pocket light. After all, you can never quite tell just when you would actually require the services of such a tiny pocket light, especially during an urgent situation or in an emergency, right?

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AIUR 360° Air Gesture Control Hi-Fi Speaker

AIUR-speakerWhile we have seen our fair share of smart devices in the past that rely on voice commands through Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri and other equivalents, the future might not just rely on speaking to your devices and appliances around the home to get them going. Perhaps some of them might work just as well through the use of gesture controls, and this is the main idea that fueled the creation of the AIUR 360° Air Gesture Control Hi-Fi Speaker that has just launched on Kickstarter recently. Touted to be the most advanced gesture control Hi-Fi speaker in the market when it arrives, it is said to be jam-packed with features and functions that will elevate the music listening experience.

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