XM25 combat weapon deployed to Afghanistan

This is the XM25 weapon system, and it is the first-ever programmable “smart” grenade launcher.

It is called “smart” because this shoulder-mounted weapon uses micro-chipped ammunition to fire 25mm air-bursting shells up to 2,300 feet, which is well past the range of most rifles. The XM25 then programs these shells to explode at a precise distance. This allows for neutralizing insurgents behind walls, rocks, trenches, or even inside buildings.

According to a recent quote, this “sort of cover has protected people for thousands of years”, and now this smart technology is in the hands of the soldier “for the first time”. This XM25 includes many sights, sensors, and lasers that can read the distance to a target, and assess elements like air pressure, temperature, and ballistics. This data is sent to the microchip embedded ammo of the XM25 before it is launched.

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Battelle TAILS is the grappling gun you always wanted

We have reported on the T-PLS Grappling Gun before, and I’m not certain if this Battelle’s Tactical Air Intiated Launch System (TAILS) is the same one, but they sure do look the same.

Clearly, the TAILS is meant to capture a dream we all have. That is, the one where we can just shoot a grappling hook and swing or climb to where we get to go.

The TAILS has the ability to shoot a titanium grappling hook attached to a Kevlar line up to 100 feet up in the air and 60 feet away.

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Inflatable Sleeping Coat is raincoat, sleeping bag, and mattress

This Inflatable Sleeping Coat is more versatile than the jacket that Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future II.

This super-jacket, for lack of a better word, is designed by designer Lin Tsui-Wei, and it is a raincoat, sleeping coat, sleeping bag, and even a mattress all in one.

Normally, this coat ends at below the crotch and above the knees, but the Inflatable Sleeping Coat has a detachable skirt that goes all the way down to the feet for protection from the rain.

Of course, what really makes this work is the inflate-ability. You will note how you can sleep with it on and inflated for cushioned softness during the wintertime, or lay it down like a mattress in the summertime.

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Sonim XP2 Spirit comes to Europe

Mention Sonim and what comes to your mind? Chances are those who are more well versed in the world of cellphones would be able to relate that brand name to a handset which is well known for its ruggedness. Well, Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona, Spain, was the platform where Sonim decided to announce the availability of their brand new XP2 Spirit which will hit Europe. This rugged 3G-capable cellphone might be rugged, but at least it sports a pretty face to debunk myths that everything tough and rugged will need to compromise in terms of design. Being the latest handset in the Xtreme Performance series, the Sonim XP2 Spirit is also the company’s maiden 3G cellphone, so if you pick this up, who knows – it could be a valuable artifact a few generations down. Let us take a closer look at what the Sonim XP2 Spirit can offer right after the jump.

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SpecOps Systems unveil new iKey prototype

SpecOps Systems has a special aim in its corporate sphere – that is, to design rugged, wearable computer technology which is capable of offering enhanced situational awareness of the battle space for military soldiers while they are in the heat of the battlefield. The special WC2 computer system works pretty much like an extremely powerful desktop computer, although this one is way more portable compared to those netbooks and notebooks businessfolk tote about, since it was specially designed to be worn on the arm and carried by a soldier while he is in the thick of action for extended periods of time.

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