The Taser Pulse is a gun that’s not a gun

Taser Pulse

It’s a dangerous world out there, and while none of us think something bad will happen to us, we shouldn’t sit by idly thinking the worst will never come. You also shouldn’t panic every moment you’re alive about what might happen, but life is all about balance, and you have to find a happy medium. The ideal is to be ready for whatever life throws in your path, but knowing where to start the preparations is tough.

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The SURVCO Tactical Credit Card – an old-fashioned EDC tool for modern users

SURVCO Tactical Credit Card

There are fewer and fewer people who are acquainted with old-fashioned manual labor. That’s not to say that they won’t do it, but it certainly seems like a chore for those who never have their tools out, to have to get out an entire box of every tool they own just to take care of one or two smaller tasks. This is where having an EDC tool could come in handy, which is essentially a multi-tool that is useful for everyday situations.

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The MTS Multi-Shield Threat safeguards your laptop and your life

MTS Multi Shield Threat

While it’s not something anyone wants to think about, shootings are cropping up more and more in the news. Even if you train yourself how to properly handle and shoot a gun, that won’t stop bullets fired at you from stopping. It’s good to know when to be defensive or offensive, and for the former, you need to have a way to shield yourself if the situation presents itself.

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Nautiz X8 rugged PDA takes everything that you can throw at it

nautiz-x8While there are many positives to be taken from the ongoing development of smatrtphones and tablets, one of the more notable advancements in my humble opinion would be the increasing durability of smartphones – especially those that come with a waterproof ability. After all, it is not every day that you dunk your phone into a pool of water, but when that happens, you know for sure that all of your lovingly captured photos and videos will still be intact, unless of course, you happen to have left the waterproof flaps open. Well, mobile computers too, had a tough edge to them, and the Handheld Group has just announced the launch of its latest Nautiz X8 rugged PDA. The Nautiz X8 rugged PDA (continuing from where the Nautiz X7 left off) happens to be a handheld computer that features superior processing power, screen performance and battery life, and has been built to last.

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Armatix iP1- is Technology Making Guns Safer?


Okay, so we have smartphones that can be unlocked with a fingerprint scanner, keeping the contents safe from prying eyes and identity thieves. We have cars that open their doors to anyone simply holding the car keys, and homes that unlock themselves by looking into our eyes. While some of this technology is fairly new, it is becoming apparent that there’s a whole slew of new ways to lock stuff up, and now… a bunch of new things we can start locking.

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Helicopters get robotic guns

duke-airborneNormally, we would not touch weapons over here at Coolest Gadgets but this particular one is way too good to pass up. I am referring to Israel-based Duke Airborne Systems’ Robotic Weapon System (RWS). The Robotic Weapon System was first unveiled over at the Eurosatory defense industry show in Paris, where this particular system was touted to be a “first-of-its-kind” system by virtue of being a concealable robotic gunnery module that enables utility helicopters to fly into hostile territory without the need for an armed escort. This would definitely help solve some logistical nightmares, as well as free up resources elsewhere.

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The Mini Desktop Canon – Can Really be Fired, and You can Too!


Its been a while since I worked in a cubical, but I remember it like it was yesterday… the irritating chatter from the guy to the left of me, the smell of the guy on the rights curried lunch wafting over the flimsy fabric walls. Yes, I would sit in my little cube devising ways to make them pay, If only I had known about this next item…

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Control your very own Black Hawk helicopter remotely

rc-blackhawkRemote controlled toys can be fun to play, but more often than not, they tend to offer diminishing returns when it comes to the power consumption. You might take a whole half hour to juice up the battery to its maximum level, and yet are able to pilot the particular drone, or car, for eight to ten minutes, tops. Well, what if I told you that there is the possibility of actually controlling a fully equipped, life sized Black Hawk helicopter? This is what Sikirsky Aircraft Corp. has done, working alongside the U.S. Army to deliver an optionally piloted flight of a Black Hawk helicopter. This is definitely a significant step in the right direction toward providing autonomous cargo delivery functionality to the U.S. Army, so you can kiss goodbye to the idea of bringing some hot and heavy rain down behind enemy lines from afar without placing your life at a significantly higher risk factor.

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Near silent hybrid electric motorcycle in the works

logosThe military certainly has its fair share of “big boys’ toys”, so to speak, where there are weapons and technology which the world knows nothing about – unless it is by chance or force that such weapons and technological wizardry are revealed. In fact, the advancement of technology in recent years have done a whole lot to change the map of the battlefield – pilotless drones are now used to scout an area ahead of time, as well as to deliver a payload without risking the life of a human being sitting inside a real cockpit, and GPS too, has helped missiles be even more accurate. As for getting around, well, tanks and planes aren’t exactly the quietest rides in town, but how about motorcycles? Logos Technologies has received a small business innovation research (SBIR) grant from DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) in order to work on a military-use hybrid-electric motorcycle that has near-silent capability.

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Pentagon To Recycle Old Drones As Wi-Fi Hotspots

pentagon-drone-wifiThe Pentagon has plans to breath new life into old drones, and they will do so by transforming these once loyal servants into Wi-Fi hotspots. Of course, using drones as a Wi-Fi hotspot is not exactly the newest idea on the block, and neither does it elicit an “Eureka!” moment, but it is interesting to see how this might change the face of battle in a war. Normally, the equipment that is required for long-range high-bandwidth Wi-Fi is more often than not unavailable to troops in the field. With some modifications made, engineers do hope that this will change, offering airborne Wi-Fi hotspots which allows isolated troops to have a decent data connection.

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