Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad helps you track your growing spawn

Hatch Baby Changing Smart Table

Having your first child is a nightmare. You’re never as prepared as you think you are, you’re not getting enough sleep or time to shower, and your brain is constantly worried about the baby. Not only do you need to know data down to the ounce of your newborn, you also have to worry about your own health and sanity. If you’re a mom, you also need to track how much milk you’re producing and how much they’re taking in.

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The Aurai Cool and Warm Eye Massager will help tired eyes recover faster


If you work on your computer, a lot, then you’ve likely started to notice when you’re experiencing eye strain. They’re itchy, dry, and you wake up feeling like there are sand bags on your lower lid. No one wants to be told they look tired every other day, so you start researching how to lessen the appearance of eye fatigue.

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Emfit QS Sleep Monitor is a plug and play wonder

emfit-qsDo you remember when the term ‘plug and play’ became fashionable? Back in the day when there was no Windows 95, and we were running on MS-DOS most of the time, installing a new piece of hardware required the relevant driver, otherwise it simply will not work. Well, the advent of Windows 95 still required drivers, but the concept of plug and play became more apparent, especially with the proliferation of the USB standard and fair number of devices that accompanied it. Fast forward to today, and you do not have driver discs that accompany each piece of hardware, as one can simply download it off the internet if required. Emfit’s latest release is a 3G mobile data version of the highly appraised Emfit QS Sleep Monitor, where it has been touted to be a true plug-and-play sleep tracker.

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Neuroon chases away the blues with light therapy

neuroonSome of us absolutely love the coldness of winter, as well as the other nuances that arrive with the season. However, the lack of having enough light throughout the day is also going to play havoc on some of our bodies, where selected few people suffer more than the rest. In a Stanford University study, it was demonstrated just how effective Light Therapy is when it comes to helping long-haul travellers making adjustments to their circadian rhythms, never mind during the winter as well. Here is one device that travellers will be able to fall back upon when it comes to combating sleep disruption, fatigue and poor concentration, which are signs that more often than not accompany jet lag.

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The BackJoy SitSmart provides posture support


While we know how we’re supposed to sit and stand to maintain good posture, it’s a bit harder to execute all the time in our everyday lives. We hover over our phones and laptops with tense shoulders and hardly ever put our legs and arms at optimal angles. This in turn puts our back out of sorts, leaving our whole body feeling tired and aching even though all we do for most of the day is sit.

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This t-shirt knows if you’re thirsty

smart-t-shirtI suppose it does not take a genius to know whether one would need to go grab a glass of cool and refreshing water from the kitchen as the throat thirsts for this life giving liquid. After all, I would think that it is our body’s own reflex and natural action to inform us that we are thirsty, so that we do not end up dehydrated in the long run. Sort of a fail-safe system, if you will. Well, just in case you are rather occupied with whatever you are doing at the moment, so much so that you even dismiss your body’s desperate call for more water, here is a t-shirt that will be able to do the job on your behalf.

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EmoBridge reveals sensmi smart wristband

sensmiWearable technology has certainly grown by many leaps and bounds over the years, as technology continues to evolve and show us how things start to get better and better. EmoBridge has shown off their new sensmi smart wristband, which is touted to be the first smart wristband of its kind in the world that will be able to accurately track and analyze daily stress levels as well as sleep patterns, so that people are able to live out a more well-balanced and peaceful life.

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Oska Pulse wearable pain relief device gets the job done drug-free

oska-pulseWe are not immortal – that much is established since the beginning of mankind, as the cycle of life and death repeats itself with each generation. Growing old might open us up to a world of senior citizen discounts and other treats, but it also comes with a price – for those of us who have not taken good care of our bodies when we were young, we might end up with all sorts of different ailments and aches all over our bodies. In order to manage pain, we then have to gulp down a collection of painkillers, which could make us hooked on them in the long run. Perhaps there is a better way of doing things – and San Diego-based Oska Wellness has come up with its Oska Pulse, an innovative wearable pain relief device that has been specially designed in order to assist in reducing muscle stiffness, temporarily relieve minor pain and increase mobility.

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The Pokapoka Foot Bath – don’t let stress get the better of you

Pokapoka Foot Bath

When you have a job where you’re on your feet all day, your legs are not going to feel too good. Your circulation after work is not great, you’re stressed out, and all you want to do is be a lump on the couch. While that is probably in your better interests for an hour or two, you should use the time wisely to give your body the same kind of de-stressor your mind gets.

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The Quell is pain relief you can wear

Quell - Wearable Pain Relief

When you are suffering from chronic pain, a good day can have you in serious pain, and the bad days are just…unbearable. Of course, you still have to function as a normal human being, so you are forced to find ways to work around it. For those who can’t afford pills and prescriptions that will temporarily solve things, you’re going to want a way to deal with the pain without having reoccurring payments.

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