CleanKey Keyboards for germ-free typing


We’ve all had the joy of hearing about how disgusting our keyboards tend to become.  I actually saw proof of this the other day when I thoroughly cleaned mine.  Afterwards I wished I’d had something like this keyboard.  It’s actually meant for medical and hospital environments where germs and spread of infections are a major concern.  However, after seeing what was underneath the keys in my keyboard, I think I might want one of these.

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Twitter Telepathy

Twitter is one Web-based service that has taken the world by storm, and it was evident from the latest Ashton vs CNN Twitter shootout, where the former had more star power and eventually beat out James Earl Jones’ favorite news channel in garnering the number of followers within the shortest time possible. Twitter has grown to become an indispensable tool when it comes to updating people wherever you are and vice versa, that it has even made the jump across to mobile devices like various cell phone applications. What happens when some smart aleck decided to further enhance Twitter by using sheer telepathic power to type down a message? Sounds far fetched, but it is actually now possible thanks to Adam Wilson, a University of Wisconsin biomedical engineer who sent the first message using nothing but his brain alone, with “USING EEG TO SEND TWEET” being the first brain-powered Tweet in the world.

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Extreme sports has another lifeline in case of disaster.


Snowboarders, downhill and cross country skiers, snowmobilers, even mountain climbers now have a very comfortable too to help them survive an avalanche. If the initial tidal wave of snow doesn’t kill them, suffocating while trapped underneath the snow is certain to. Not because there isn’t any air to breathe, but because of a local build up of carbon dioxide that super saturates the area where the victim may be breathing. But the Black Diamond Avalung II uses simple misdirection to change all that.

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Breastlight offers an accurate breast exam from home

Most females have been raised with the knowledge pounded in their head that they should regularly be checking for lumps in their breasts.  You’re taught to search for general irregularities, but most are still left wondering if they could miss something.  You may second guess your method or timing, but all around there are a lot of factors that plague the typical female.  Especially those that have a history of breast cancer within their family.  Well now you can purchase the Breastlight that will give you a much more clear and visual approach.

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i-LIMB prosthetic hand works like the real thing

It is interesting to know that advancements in prosthetics technology have arrived at a stage where it can get quite impossible to tell the difference between a prosthetic hand and the real thing. Take for example the i-LIMB – this is the first commercially available prosthetic hand that features five individually powered fingers. By merging a revolutionary functionality with amazingly natural cosmetics, the i-LIMB looks set to change lives of amputees all over the world by helping them blend in with everyday life. is changing the lives of amputees across the globe – and blending right in.

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The LED handcrank powered Slik-Stik

Here’s a nice update to the classic boring walking stick.  It adds a few extra features that make using a walking stick far more convenient.  The big perk being that the stick is housed with LED lights.  Making walking at night a lot easier to do and definitely a lot more safe.  Even better is that the LED lights shine in two different directions.  One shines up ahead and the other at your feet, making it highly less likely you’ll stumble over any unseen objects.

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MAC 800 Portable ECG System

Portable ECG systems aren’t exactly something that we cover on a daily basis, but this one looks pretty interesting that we guess it deserves some airtime on Coolest Gadgets. The nice people at the FDA have recently given their collective nod of approval for GE Healthcare’s MAC 800 portable ECG system. What seems to come in a relatively lightweight package, the MAC 800 is able to save further space thanks to the keyboard that is styled after that of a cell phone instead of the standard, full size variety. It is interesting to note that the MAC 800 was originally developed for the Chinese market, but has been adapted and will now be marketed in the US.

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Renasys Go negative pressure wound therapy device

Smith & Nephew has just rolled out a brand new negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) device that was specifically designed for people who want/need to ambulate. Known as the Renasys Go, it comes in a much smaller form factor that can be worn around your neck just like a fashionable MP3 player, although it doesn’t play back any music (could be a feature the manufacturer includes the next time round) but sucks at your gross wound instead. Hey, if somebody asks, you can either tell them the truth or pull their leg that you’re using a pair of prototype Bluetooth earphones which are located right inside your ear canals, hence having no wires running out from the Renasys Go.

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