Embrace Infant Warmer for developing countries

Where most of us are at, infants have a real fighting chance, even when there are complications with their birth.  However, there are still plenty of areas of this world where that isn’t the case.  The Embrace was designed just for those developing countries.  This instant infant warmer will keep infants warm during those crucial hours after a premature baby has been born.

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Washable Thermometer Just For Women

I’ve never felt the need to own his and hers thermometers.  After all, they all check your temperature well enough.  Sure, some are better to use on squirming children, but between men and women it’s all pretty much the same.  However, the Japanese feel very different than I do as it turns out.  Instead of sharing a thermometer, they have a special washable thermometer just for women.

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Panasonic Hearing instruments have arrived Stateside

Panasonic Hearing instruments have finally made their way to the US, where a trio of digital hearing instruments will debut in this part of the world. They will also come in a new form factor which resembles the style of an MP3 player, and will feature a receiver-in-canal and behind-the-ear models to boot. These were specially designed for the patient while delivering features, convenience and performance requested by hearing care professionals and their patients. Not only that, they shed the tag that hearing instruments are outdated and ugly, since this batch will come in an attractive design, and is comfortable to wear, easy to use and have a unique circuit design for high performance and long battery life.

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Beltone True invisible hearing instrument works sans wires

Hearing aids can be quite the obtrusive device for those of you who are conscious about how people will perceive you, as it hangs around your ear. While technological advances have come a long way to make hearing aids more discrete, they aren’t quite invisible yet for the average model. Apart from that, we also have headphones which tend to be bulky, although using a pair at home shouldn’t be too much of a fashion faux pas as nobody but the kids are there to poke fun at you. Why not silence them with the Beltone True? This is a new generation of virtually invisible hearing instruments which will wirelessly receive sound directly from TV, cell/home phone, stereo, PC, iPod or any audio device via a 2.4 GHz signal.

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GE Visible You makes you a dancing skeleton

This is GE Visible You, on display at the Shanghai Expo. As you can see, it can help the user to act out their body as a living X-ray.

I’m sure that you’re probably wondering how this could be, as X-rays create a lot of harmful radiation. No, think of this like an application of the Microsoft Kinect. (Oh, a Kinect App, is there such a thing? Will there be?) As far as I know, it has nothing to do with the Kinect, though.

All the user has to do is stand in front of it, and it somehow reads you like a scanner and turn you into a moving skeleton. By the way, it can also scan you and give you a simulation of your muscular system and cardiovascular system. Of course, even though this is a real-time scan, don’t count on it finding any tumors.

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Smart Helmet detects how hard you have crashed

This Smart Helmet, developed by Northeastern University researchers, is designed for skiers, even though I never remember skiing with a helmet on. Of course, I never biked with a helmet on either, and I think that is a requirement now. I don’t know about wearing a helm on the slopes.

The purpose of the smart helmet is to detect how much it has been impacted. Apparently, a lot of skiers are injured by hitting things like trees, rocks, and stuff.

The Smart Helmet can somehow measure the acceleration and impact, and can then report any potential injury that is based on the force of the impact.

There is some sort of LED light that will turn the screen red, to indicate that the wearer has a serious concussion. This will signal to the ski patrol that serious medical attention is required.

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Rex bionic legs helps this man to walk again

Some of you might remember the story about Oscar the bionic cat, and how he was given legs to walk again. Rex is a set of bionic legs that is ready to make a person walk again.

I have included a video after the jump of Hayden Allen, a man who has not been able to walk for five years. However, he is now using Rex, and is learning to walk again.

Granted, it seems a little slow walking, but he is up on his feet and can manage stairs. Notice the controls on the hands, and how easy it is for him to put his legs in the Rex contraption from his wheelchair. He says that it takes about five minutes.

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Hypospray from Star Trek is real, but with lasers

Nothing I like reporting more than reporting on tech from science-fiction that becomes science fact. Especially when it comes to Star Trek, the original series.

Sure the original series just looks bad if you watch it now, and we still haven’t got most of that technology. Sure, most of our cellular phones look like James T. Kirk’s communicator, but as far as hypodermics are concerned, there are still needles. Not like Dr. McCoy’s spray vaccinations that we would like to see being used today.

Until now, at least. In fact, this particular needle-less hypos use phasers! Actually, it doesn’t, but it it does use lasers. These lasers bore holes so tiny that you won’t even feel it go through the skin and cure your diseases.

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FPS games to teach medics

In case you are one of those people who think that First Person Shooter games are nothing but a vain activity, then you should know that they are sometimes used to train for combat.

I’m sure that comes as no surprise, as what could be better for training a soldier to go into enemy territory than an FPS game. Believe it or not, these are also being used to train medics.

What you are seeing here are screenshots from the Tactical Combat Casualty Care Simulation (TC3), and this FPS is the game you want your medic to play.

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