Sleepow – for a More Scientific Slumber


Almost every adult I know wishes for the same thing, more sleep. It seems as thought most of us are wandering through our lives only half rested, dragging through our days in a perpetual state of fatigue, hoping that tonight, will be the night that sleep comes easily, deeply, and lasts at least until dawn. Unfortunately, it rarely works out that way, and by the next morning’s second cup of coffee, we start the process all over again. Sleeping pills can help short term, but they certainly cant be the best choice we can make for our bodies.

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The Withings Aura Sleep Smart System helps you find the perfect amount of sleep

Withings Sleep Smart System

It’s easy to get excited about being able to learn more about how your body works. We weren’t exactly born with an instruction manual, but it’s hard to pay attention to all of the subtle nuances that comes with eating, exercise, and sleep. We’ve seen a huge variety of trackers for this and that crop up lately, and some are more successful than others.

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The Light Therapy Glasses can be your personal ray of sunshine


In the winter, we have a hard time keeping our spirits up. There’s nothing exciting to see as there aren’t any leaves on the trees, and everything is either one sad dead color or covered in white. Even the sun doesn’t feel like showing its face much, which means we feel sleepy more often than not, and start to feel a little sad.

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Bellabeat delivers slew of family tracking devices

bellabeat-shellWhen it comes to being a parent, there are many different aspects for one to think of, especially when it comes to the preparation bit. You would want your little one to be as comfortable as possible, right? The more modern days have thrown up more than just a single gadget to help new parents as well as would-be parents, and these will obviously make life a whole lot easier compared to our ancestors. Bellabeat has announced a new range of tracking devices which will target mothers as well as expectant moms, allowing the trio of new devices to be able to assist moms in helping them track their pregnancy and birth without any worry at all. This enables moms to connect intimately with their babies in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

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Neuro:On – Technology You Won’t Lose Sleep Over!



Technology was supposed to make things quicker and easier, but it seems that we’ve never been busier. We work long hours, take fewer vacations, and seem to have no time for anything anymore. When I find the need for extra time, the first area of my life that gets robbed is my sleep time. That cant be good, can it?

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iRemember is the world’s first smart pill organizer

irememberAs we age, our body will start to break down in different places and on various accounts, which is not a good sign at all, although we can be thankful that advances made in the world of medicine has somewhat improved the quality of life in the golden years even when sickness and ailing health strikes. However, getting the right supplements would help a whole lot, and there are times when it can be rather difficult to remember all the various pills that you will need to consume at the right time. This is where technology comes and play its part in the form of the aptly named iRemember.

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Tempo sensor targets the seniors

tempoWhen we talk about wearable technology, I would like to think that for most of us out there, two examples come to mind almost instantly – one would be the Google Glass, while the other would be the smartwatch, such as the Moto 360. However, the older people might find it rather difficult to figure out all of the nuances of such wearable technology, so is there something simpler for them to use? After all, they do have phones that have been specially fashioned out for seniors. CarePredict has come up with a sophisticated wrist worn sensor that is known as the Tempo, where it will be able to record details such as daily living activities, the quality and amount of sleep, bathing, eating, drinking, and cooking, among others.

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Boogio will tell you more about your feet than you’ve ever wanted to know


The rise of activity trackers has brought on an age of learning about our bodies in a whole new way. We have concrete numbers to help us to know more about ourselves, and what we need to improve our lives. This can be useful for pinpointing medical problems, keeping trim, and a variety of other scenarios.

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