Fifty-One electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarettes are nothing new, but that doesn’t mean new technology cannot be introduced into the genre to help those who want to cut down on their puffing or even quit the habit altogether. Fifty-One has released its latest electronic cigarette that could possibly help you kick the habit, assuming you’ve already tried other models in the market to no avail. What makes this version different from the rest is the ability to choose from a wide range of flavors and nicotine levels, letting you slowly but surely cut down on your daily fix until you feel that you are no longer nicotine-dependent. Let’s read more about Fifty-One’s electronic cigarette right after the jump.

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Robotic Spyplanes have Medical uses too

This isn’t the first time that we have reported on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), and most of the time, these are used for spying in enemy territory. It appears that UAVs have medicinal uses as electronic flying couriers.

Think of them as that big G button on Speed Racer’s Mach 5 that fires an electronic homing pigeon. It was used on the cartoon all the time, but only mentioned in the movie. (By the way, the Speed Racer movie is coming out on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow, and you should invest your money in a film that was incredibly awesome and yet was somehow a box-office flop.)

Sorry for digression, but I thought the Speed Racer reference would give you a good idea what these electronic courier pigeons do. These things can be programmed to carry medical supplies to and fro to places that don’t have advanced hospitals, such as Third World countries.

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PureCart Sanitizes the Germs on Shopping Carts

I’ve never really thought about this before, but a shopping cart handle has to be one of the primary spots for germs to fester. I mean, people come in with colds, wipe their noses with their bare hands, and wheel their carts around the store. Some people might have their kids sitting near the handle, and these little tykes might sneeze on the handle for some extra germ action.

It appears that PureCart has found a solution to all those that have Monk-like tendencies when it comes to germs on their shopping cart handle. Instead of carrying wipes or surgeon’s gloves, all a customer needs to do is use a cart that has been pushed through the PureCart System.

The PushCart System is designed to spray a sanitizing solution onto the entire cart, and this quick-drying solution takes care of the rest. By the time a new customer uses the cart, it is squeaky clean and germ-free.

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The Mouse Arm Rest keeps your wrist from aching

After long hours of gaming or browsing the net, it can make your arm a bit uncomfortable.  With carpul tunnel being such a major fear for those that make their living on the computer, a rest like this might help.  I know after finishing my daily dose of blogging I like to mess with a little computer gaming.  Which puts me in front of the computer even longer.  This rest would keep your arm at a comfortable angle the whole time and prevent you from holding your arm at any bad angles.

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CPR Resuscitation Pad Makes Life Saving Easier

Statistics show that CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) can increase the chances of a victim surviving by up to 50%. That’s five lives saved out of every 10 instances of the process. The problem is that many people, even those who are CPR certified, perform the action inaccurately, sometimes causing even more damage than was present in the first place.

But not all is lost, even for those who are unlucky enough to have a possibly fatal heart attack among a crowd with no CPR experience. The CPR-PAD by the aptly named designer Ryan Helps aids the administrator to accurately perform CPR using proper rhythm and hand positioning thanks to its intuitive design and features.

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The Intelligent First Aid Kit talks you through your ailments

Anyone who has taken a normal First Aid class and gotten the certification knows that it is the most common sense class out there.  If someone is bleeding, put pressure on it, for shock cover them up and prop up their feet.  However, for those that haven’t taken one, there are a few random hints that are helpful.  It would also be great for a teen or kid who doesn’t know a lot about such things to have a device that helps with First Aid lying around.  It doesn’t just slap you with a booklet that you have to flip through for 15 minutes before you find what you need either.

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DuoFertility USB Skin Patch Monitors Ovulation

People say that the world population is reaching epidemic numbers. This might be true, but imagine how many more little people there would be crawling around if so many couples didn’t have fertility issues. Not to mention a lot more happy, yet stressed, parents.

Issues with fertility have luckily been getting a helping boost from the progress of technology. Medications and laboratory fertilization has totally changed the concept of getting pregnant. Though if you don’t want to grow your baby in a lab, there are other methods on the way to help before reaching that point. The DuoFertility USB Skin Patch could one day help millions of couples plan their newest addition to the family.

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Personal Humidifier in pretty pink

It is to that point in the year that some are suffering from those wretched allergies.  If you don’t have time to lay in bed all day, this little humidifier can go with you anywhere.  It’d be perfect when you’re stuck at the office or have to travel for work.  Just sit it on your desk and attach a regular water bottle to it and you have warm air blowing up your nose all day long.  However, if you’re a guy and not so cool with pink gadgets you might have a slight issue with this one.

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