Best Rice Cooker [2022]

How We Picked A rice cooker is a perfect appliance to quickly and easily prepare rice for any sort of meal. Whether you’re looking to provide a large amount of rice for a family function, neighborhood dinner party, or simply for a solo countertop meal, a rice cooker is indispensable for saving time and producing … Read more

Best Portable Induction Cooktop [2022]

How We Picked Induction cooktops have gained popularity in the past decade for several reasons. Some of the most common of these include their energy efficiency, the speed and reliability at which they cook, and the safety features that make them perfect for many consumers. Portable cooktops are desirable for those living in apartments, efficiencies, … Read more

Best Electric Kettle [2022]

How We Picked Are you a coffee and/or tea fanatic that just can’t get enough – so much that you drive the baristas mad when you show up at the oddest of hours (i.e. closing time) looking for your fix? Maybe you even have your own drip coffee maker and single-serve coffee maker. You probably … Read more

Best Slow Cooker [2022]

How We Picked There is something about the smell of food preparing in a slow cooker to make anyone’s mood better. Do you remember going to your grandparent’s house after service and having a delicious plate of roast with potatoes and vegetables? Or the smell of the soup simmering for six hours? If so, you … Read more

Best Blender [2022]

How We Picked So, you have decided to blend your own fruits and vegetables at home? That is great! Whether you are looking to lose weight, clean up your diet, or just enjoy your own concoctions, the right blender can make all the difference in the world (or the kitchen). But, there are plenty of … Read more

Best Indoor Grill [2022]

How We Picked There is something primal about cooking over an open fire. Perhaps that is why we have friends and family over for barbeque during the warm summer nights. Or why barbequing during the Fourth of July is such a strong tradition for many people. It is those traditions that have been taught from … Read more

The BergHOFF Table BBQ Pan – grill meat in tiny spaces

Who doesn’t love getting together with friends and grilling some tasty food together? The best part about having a BBQ is that you don’t really have to worry how the party goes since people are just standing around to eat food. The only part that would be troublesome about setting up is if you don’t … Read more