These Mustache and Tie Wine Charms make Christmas parties 100% better

It’s about that time of year to start having holiday parties at the office. People are going to let loose, confess their feelings, and give away presents while imbibing way too much. Since there are likely going to be similar-looking cups and glassware all over the place, you likely don’t want to chance a communicable … Read more

The Handheld Measuring Colander – tiny task, tiny tool

Measuring Colander

When you’re only cooking for yourself, you’re not going to use the biggest pots and pans you have. You’re going to pick whatever is the right size for the job. If you have to rinse your food, then you don’t want to pull out a giant colander for a cup or two worth of food. If you’re also portioning your food, you have to double your dishes by dirtying your measuring cups and other regular cooking dishes.

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The Smarter Coffee Machine – never make bad brew again

Smarter Coffee

How our day goes is not always determined by our mornings, but having a decent start can certainly help the rest of it along. If you wake up on time, manage to bathe, eat, and remember to wash your thermos out so you can take coffee to work, then you’re doing pretty good. However, coffee is a big part of that equation, and should you forget to set up the grounds and water the night before, then it’s iffy whether or not your morning brew will be ambrosia or swill.

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Drop – a kitchen assistant that will remove the mess from cooking

When you want to make a meal from scratch, you know how much preparation it’s going to take. You need to make sure you have all the ingredients at the ready, a few hours to prep and cook everything and of course, a little extra time to do the myriad of dirty dishes at the end. If you wish you could streamline some of this process and improve your cooking skills while you’re at it, then having a personal assistant in the kitchen probably sounds like a wonderful idea.

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The Toolbox Fridge is more fun than work

Toolbox Fridge

Having your own space to tinker away on projects is important. It is your zone that helps you relieve stress, and of course, fix a few things from around the house. It’s easy to get caught up in what you’re doing and forget about food or drinks. If you don’t want to be bothered with leaving your work space, but also don’t want to keel over, then it might be wise to keep a fridge around.

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The Silicone Wine Glass can prevent party fouls

Silicone Wine Glasses

The Thanksgiving holiday is almost upon us, and we have to make sure everything is clean and ready for our relatives to arrive. There needs to be plenty of food, spirits, and sitting space for everyone to be comfortable, as these times together can be a bit tense. You can’t choose your family, and they’re not always the people you get along with the best. There’s always going to be that one family member who takes 4 or 5 full follow-ups to that glass of wine with dinner.

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The Food Cycler will compost your leftovers with the push of a button

Food Cycler

If you’ve ever tried composting, you know it’s not exactly for the faint of heart. There are a lot of overwhelming smells, bugs, and manual labor that you will have to keep up with over a long period of time. If you want to cut down on the amount of trash you put out and get some fertilizer for free, then you might want to look into an option that will compost your food automatically.

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