Wireless Smartphone Photo Printer – Great Pictures, No Ink!

I like to consider myself a fairly serious amateur photography. I love taking pictures. I do find that I end up taking more shots than I thought I would with my iPhone. I mean, the iPhone isn’t really meant for real picture-taking, but sometimes the phone lets you get a shot you would have missed altogether, and it is a handy item for those “about town” shots with your friends. Now if there was a fun and convenient way to print those pictures out…

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The UFO Power Center – It’s Time to Unplug “the Clapper”

I’m sure most of you remember “the Clapper” and in its day, the ability to turn a light on or off from across the room probably seemed pretty neat… but that was a long time ago, and it seems to me with all of our WiFi devices, we should be monitoring and controlling all kinds of stuff from wherever we want to, and now it’s easy.

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MorphCase turns iPod touch into a smartphone

When the iPhone and the iPod touch were first introduced to the masses half a decade ago, many people figured out that the iPod touch was the iPhone – sans the phone part, of course. Well, the iPhone went on to be a huge success around the globe since then, and the iPod touch, well, it continued to reign as the top portable media player in the market, but over time, you could be sure that smartphones took over the portable media player’s mantle as a to-go entertainment device of choice for the masses. Well, if you happen to own an iPod touch, how about giving it a new lease of life with Dexterity’s MorphCase? This unique case is capable of transforming the humble iPod touch into a Wi-Fi mobile phone – and you do not even need a headset or a Bluetooth device to boot. Let us see how this is achieved in the extended post.

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iConvert Scanner – Digitizes Docs for iPad

Let’s face it, the iPad is an awesome little gadget, but it certainly does have its limitations. For all the things it can do, it seems like there’s a whole lot of potential left on the table. Some of that untapped potential is getting realized by third parties who are developing interesting apps and add-ons that make the iPad even more useful. So in investigating some of the available “gadgets for our gadgets”, I found something that might be pretty useful to some of us.
Welcome the iConvert scanner, an interesting tool for the iPad user that allows you to simply dock your iPad, press a button and feed your pictures, legal documents, receipts or recipes straight into the device and have them converted and saved directly on your iPad, perfect for saving, emailing, posting or printing. The device is small, easily portable and quite handy for a multitude of folks that have a need for this kind of organization.

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Netgear’s WiFi Booster – The Help you Need

I hate the wireless signal at my house. I have all kinds of things running off my network and the connection is constantly being dropped. I really can’t think of too many things that are as frustrating. Worse, is when I’m wandering around the house playing with my phone, I’ve all but given up watching Netflix in the bathtub. I’m fairly certain my neighbors have heard me yelling. I am so ashamed.
Well, this is making it onto this years gift list, Netgear’s WiFi Booster for Mobile, specifically designed to keep your elusive connection intact, without incurring any unforeseen charges for using your carriers data plan, now you can watch horror movies in the bathtub all you like, or check out a how to video next time you attempt the perfect soufflé. Pairing with your home or office router, this little box will increase the network reach for all your precious mobile gadgets.

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Parrot ASTEROID – Not your Dad’s Car Radio

I remember when I was in high school, one of the kids drove a car that had an 8 track tape player in it, and yes, we made fun of him mercilessly until he spent the money to get a cassette player. I guess now we can make fun of anyone that still has a cassette player huh? Does anyone think CD’s will become a thing of the past? What about satellite radio? Automobile entertainment sure has had a few interesting developments over the years. What could be next?
Here’s something to check out, the Parrot ASTEROID Media Receiver, not your everyday car stereo, this unique device actually harnesses the power of apps, to adapt to whatever it is you may need at the time. Lost? utilize your available maps and location information, hungry? for Veal Scallopini? check out menus and detailed restaurant information, or maybe you’re just lonely, how about letting the Parrot read you some messages from your friends back home?

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Sleep Phones – Count Sheep to your Favorite Tunes


I’m up till all hours of the night. I feel more productive at night and it’s just the way I’ve always been. That being said, my husband goes to sleep early and gets up early, I use headphones so I don’t disturb him (and so I can hear over his snoring). Have you ever fallen asleep with headphones on? or earbuds in? I think my right ear is still a little sore.
Check out Sleep Phones, developed by a doctor, these soft, moisture wicking fleece headbands actually contain ultra thin and removable speakers that can plug into most of your audio devices, leaving others completely undisturbed, and your little ears in cozy comfort.

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