Orb Audio rolls out Hammered Earth premium speaker finish

Orb Audio is one of the more notable names when it comes to high-end speakers, and among their new releases would be the Hammered Earth premium speaker finish. Being the latest addition to Orb’s customization choices, Hammered Earth will be part of current unique finishes including Antique Copper, Antique Bronze and Hand Polished Steel. With the introduction of this new, warm earth tone, Orb speakers will complement an even wider array of decor choices to help you get started on making your living room look a whole lot more nicer than it currently is.

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Pioneer has just announced a new speaker range

Pioneer Electronics has a spanking new line up of speakers for home theater and music reproduction buffs, where they were specially designed from the ground up thanks to Pioneer USA’s chief speaker engineer, Andrew Jones. The new line will come with bookshelf (SP-BS21-LR, SP-BS41-LR), floorstanding (SP-FS51-LR) and center channel (SP-C21) speakers alongside a subwoofer (SW-8), where all of them were specially engineered to deliver exceptional audio performance, regardless of whether it is used as a two channel music system or a full 7.1 channel home theater system.

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LG Electronics to take the 3D route with new range

3D seems to be the next big thing these days, and LG Electronics does not want to miss out on it by bringing entertainment to the next dimension through the introduction of a full suite of 3D technology products which will definitely do its bit to usher content to life for consumers. You will be able to experience a whole new way of viewing movies by pairing LG’s new top-of-the-line “Infinia” LED HDTVs with its first-ever 3D-capable Network Blu-ray Disc player, letting you immerse yourself in superior picture quality and a 3D experience of your favorite sporting events as well as Hollywood mega-hits without heading out to the nearest cinema, but instead relaxing in the comfort of your home.

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Hitachi 2010 line of LCD HDTVs announced

We’re well halfway into 2010, but Hitachi has just announced their 2010 line of LCD HDTVs for those of us living Stateside. Hmmm, guess that there really isn’t much urgency to roll out a new model for the year, but hey, you can always look at it on the bright side that they are half a year early before the clock tolls and 2011 rolls around. With the world’s economy still hanging precariously, it makes perfect sense for Hitachi to make sure their 2010 line up offers technology and advanced features alongside value-driven pricing to cater to today’s tech-savvy consumer. Let us take a look at the UltraVision UltraThin LED Series in greater detail in the extended post.

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Monster Vision Max 3D wireless 3D eyewear

Monster is a name associated with advanced audio/video accessories, and they aim to take a long ride on the 3D bandwagon with a new exciting category of lifestyle-enhancing consumer electronics products including the Monster Vision “Max 3D”. This will be the first and only universal wireless 3D eyewear “shutter system” in the world according to Monster, where it will play nice with ALL brands of 3D HDTVs (now that is a delicious thought), letting users experience a new level of power and 3-dimensional visual immersion regardless of whether they are munching on some popcorn while watching their favorite Blu-ray movies or having a whale of a time playing advanced video games in the living room.

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eMachines Mini-e Home Entertainment Center

eMachines has rolled out one of the zanier small form factor desktops to date, known as the Mini-e Home Entertainment Center. Don’t be surprised by its size – it might be as small and thick as a small book, but it packs quite a punch where home theater PCs are concerned. Featuring a unique glossy black diamond shaped chassis that seemingly “floats” in a matte silver pedestal, it is capable of emitting a soft ambient green glow along the lower edge for that added touch of class whenever it is powered and ready to go. The eMachines Mini-e measures 7.1″ in diameter, tipping the scales at a mere 9 pounds which would make it rather dangerous for you to have a cat or lumbering dog around the home since either one could easily knock over the Mini-e while it is running. More on it in the extended post.

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Vizio expands their HD audio eco-system with new releases

Vizio is not only good at making affordable flat screen displays for the living room, but the company has recently updated their portfolio of high definition audio devices with a couple of products which ought to curry favor with those who are looking for an affordable home theater system which delivers bang for your hard-earned buck. We’re talking about the VHT210 32″ Home Theater Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer and the VHT510 40″ Home Theater Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer, where both of them are full well capable of delivering big home theater sound in a sleek design coupled with advanced surround sound technology. They can be hooked up sans wires to the VHP100 Wireless Home Theater Headphones if you so desire, although don’t let Vizio tell you otherwise that different wireless headphones will work just fine as well.

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Best Buy has new Insignia 5.1 Home Theater System up for sale

Best Buy has ensured that their virtual store shelves are now filled up with the spanking new Insignia 5.1 Home Theater System that will come equipped with Audyssey audio technology, which is a complete home audio system from the good people at Insignia. It will be a Best Buy exclusive, no doubt about it, making it one of the more reasonably priced Home Theater system that are offered to consumers where it comes with virtually all of the components required to experience movie theater sound quality in their homes. After all, most consumers want something hassle free – just take a look at the number of instant items we have, ranging from instant noodles to instant coffee and TV dinners. With the Insignia 5.1 Home Theater System, the same applies as it is easy to install, simple to control and won’t break the bank.

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Panasonic wireless home theater audio system

Panasonic rolls out yet another first today in the form of their maiden fully wireless home theater audio system that was specially made for Full HD 3D, where it comes in the form of the new SC-ZT2. This wireless device is a design-matching solution for any self-respecting Full HD 3D home theater system, where it is capable of producing rich surround sound with the life-like ambience of a 7.1-channel system, all using a mere two speakers – now how about that! When it works together in tandem with the new Panasonic DMP-BDT350 Blu-ray 3D player, it is as though you were witnessing a marriage made in heaven, or at least somewhere near to that extent. The Panasonic SC-ZT2 offers high definition surround sound audio portion of Full HD 3D, letting home theater enthusiasts as well as folks who are fortunate enough to own 3D theater systems, to see cables that run across the room as a thing of the past.

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