Bang & Olufsen announces BeoVision 10-40″

Bang & Olufsen has announced its latest BeoVision 10-40″ TV to the masses who are living in North America, making it the third video product to be launched by the company this fiscal year, where it is more than capable of presenting a full HD picture thanks to its spanking new LED technology. As with many other Bang & Olufsen electronic appliances that have rolled out in the past, the BeoVision 10-40″ is no different from the rest when it comes to resembling a piece of artwork on the wall, although it is more than capable of revealing an impressive image as well as deliver stunning sound performance despite its relatively modest size.

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Western Digital My Passport AV portable media drive

Western Digital is back with a new My Passport AV portable media drive, where this model was built specially for video storage and playback, capable of delivering a plug-and-play experience for digital media enthusiasts. It will come in just one size so that you won’t need to worry about choosing between various capacities? After all, it isn’t exactly terribly expensive with 320GB of storage space compared to a few years ago, as the Western Digital My Passport AV portable media drive will retail for a mere $104.99 which makes it highly affordable. More details on this highly versatile portable media drive right after the jump.

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Samsung throws in Skype in new LED TVs

Samsung first previewed their new line of LED TVs for the year 2010 at CES earlier last month, and among the many new-fangled features which Samsung touted was the ability for the TV To support Skype video calls, although a demonstration on the showfloor wasn’t really impressive due to the choppy video and stuttering audio. Still, it is a start, and we can expect full HD video calls in the next couple of years or so, eh? Back to reality for the moment though – Samsung and Skype have merged powers to deliver new Samsung LED 7000 and 8000 series models of 2010 high-definition televisions, where each unit will sport embedded Skype software that enables Skype users to make video and voice calls through the TVs. These new TVs are already available in South Korea, and expect them to hit the rest of the world sometime in the first half of the year.

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Wireless Page To TV Magnifier

As we age, our health often starts to deteriorate in a progressively worse manner. Well, apart from our body system start going bonkers, most of us will also have issues with our eyesight especially if you love reading Coolest Gadgets on a mobile device wherever you are. Enter the Wireless Page To TV Magnifier which … Read more

Harman Kardon GLA-55 speakers


Anyone in the know (or even the average clueless Joe on the street) will definitely rate Harman Kardon as above average compared to the other speaker solutions out there in the market, and they have good reason to believe so. Harman Kardon’s latest foray into the world of speakers would comprise of the GLA-55 – a stylized multimedia focal point that boasts breathtaking beauty, impeccable sound technology and functionality. Anyone who brings a pair of this home won’t be disappointed, seeing that it comes with numerous proprietary technologies which will deliver the highest audio quality, featuring astonishing bass and clear accurate sound regardless of the direction. Touted to be the top of the class where 2.0 speaker systems are concerned, the GLA-55 will fit in nicely with home and office décor regardless of your home design.

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Remote Buddy helps you find lost remotes


I haven’t ever heard of a single person who hasn’t lost their remote at least a few times.  I’m sure there are some out there, but they are few and far between.   Myself, I have a couch that will try to eat anything you place on it, remotes included.  I usually know to check inside of the couch to find the remote again, so that is one advantage.  If you’re in a household with a big family though, losing track of a remote would be pretty easy.  Which is where this Remote Buddy would be helpful, it makes it possible to page your remotes, so you can find them again.

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LG unleashes full HD LED LCD HDTV


When LCD TVs first hit the market, we were bowled over by their apparent slimness compared to what we see in our living rooms dominated by fat, chunky CRTs. Well, times have definitely changed (for the better) as CRTs have been phased out since then, and LCD TVs are the de facto standard when it comes to your living room viewing experience. LG ups the ante further with their latest release of a full HD LED LCD HDTV which is more or less as thin as it gets, bearing the image of a single sheet of glass. Making a splash at CEDIA 2009, the new SL90 series of HDTVs from LG will come in 42″ and 47″ sizes, where they both will feature LED lighting and other stunning display technologies.

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Olive Opus No. 4


Beethoven might have his 9th Symphony, but Olive has come up with Opus No. 4 for the masses instead. Just in case you haven’t quite heard of Olive, their latest masterpiece, the Opus No. 4, was specially made to deliver a new standard in high quality digital music experiences, offering an unprecedented 2TB capacity in the flagship model from their stable. For those who want something different instead of relying on the usual stuff from other manufacturers such as Sony, Toshiba and Panasonic, the Olive Opus No. 4 enables consumers to experience their music in true hi-fi audio quality, boasting similar in sound clarity as your CDs sans the hassle and clutter. The 2TB of storage space enables one to store thousands of CDs worth of music in original quality, and can be hooked up to traditional stereo systems while enabling playback through an intuitive touchscreen menu.

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Moving seats in the house

Are you one of the many who are looking forward to Terminator Salvation as it hits theaters tomorrow? Well, folks who are heading towards the cinema at Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn. will experience a surprise that most other cinemas don’t have – the audience can feel as though they’re living the action on … Read more

Stuff-Your-Stuff Theater Set hides projector screen

I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not to pick up a projector and ditch the flat panel TV.  I have my reasons for not making the switch though, one being that it’s a hefty investment that I’m not willing to make at this particular point.  One major perk, despite the price, is a projector can easily take up less space and look better.  If it weren’t for the giant roll on the wall, when the screen is put away, there is really nothing that has to be left out at all times.  That means that all technology can easily be hidden away, well with this shelf even the screen can stay concealed.

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