Bar Master Deluxe

How many times have you had friends over and when you offered to prepare them a drink they named off a drink that you had no idea how to create? Well, with the holidays on the way you had better brush up on your bartending skills by learning all the different types of drinks and how to prepare them, learn what type of glass you should serve the drink in and brush up all kinds of jokes to get the party started. On the other hand, you could just invest in the Bar Master Deluxe.

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An Interview with Alek about his Halloween Lights

We’ve got a bit of a special today, an interview with Alek Komarnitsky, who’s famous for his interactive Halloween and Christmas light displays. As tonight is witching night it only seemed appropriate to publish this interview today. So without further ado let’s hear what Alek had to say.

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Grenade Alarm

If you find it difficult to awaken kids on school days you can take revenge with this nasty little alarm. Simply pull the pin out, throw it through the bedroom door and cover your ears. In 20 seconds the sonic alarm will let out an ear blistering racket which will be sure to wake the heaviest of sleepers.

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Pocket Chainsaw

If you love hiking, backpacking, cutting down your own Christmas tree, or just walking through the woods, then you are going to absolutely love this pocket chainsaw. It is very easy to assemble, is only 28 inches long when uncoiled, is lightweight, and comes with its own storage can. This is one unique gadget that … Read more

Vases or Faces

I think everybody must have seen the optical illusion puzzle of a the picture which depending how you look at it looks like 2 people face to face or single vase. Well a company has actually made a business out of personalising it.

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Guard that Bedroom

Does your kid brother or sister like sneaking into your room when you’re asleep or not there. What are you going to do about it, well now you can alarm the room the geeky way using lazer trip wire just like you see in the movies. Unless you have a sister like Miss Jolie you … Read more