Phyn Plus smart water assistant

Phyn_PlusIf you are going to kit out your house to turn it into some sort of smart home, why not go the whole nine yards and make sure it ends up with a smart kitchen as well? I am quite sure that there is a fair number of electrical appliances in the kitchen that are capable of working alongside Alexa, the digital voice assistant, so why not add another member into the mix with the Phyn Plus smart water assistant?

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HomeHawk HD Remote Home Monitoring System

homehawkPanasonic knows that there can never be too high a price to pay when it comes to obtaining peace of mind, which is why they have introduced a brand new mobile app-based remote home monitoring system known as the HomeHawk HD Remote Home Monitoring System. Part of the KX-HN7000 series, the HomeHawk can be configured as a single HD camera in order to keep watch over your front door, or to have it work in tandem with a maximum of 16 peripheral HD camera units that will be able to cover the whole perimeter of the home and yard.

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FIBARO Intercom makes your home surveillance smarter

fibaro-intercomEveryone would like to have a certain degree of peace of mind when it comes to their homes. After all, who would like to live with the thought of imminent danger or something bad happening all the time? That can be an extremely stressful experience, which is why Fibaro has come up with the Fibaro Intercom, a device that sports all of the advantages of a modern intercom system. Apart from that, we love the very fact that it is able to be used to allow entry to the home, providing a level of control over who is able to enter all the while delivering a higher level of security. The Fibaro Intercom can be installed just about anywhere you want it to be, including close to the main entrance or front gate.

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ANNKE ups home security ante with Nova Orion and Nova S

annke-nova-sIt has been said before that a man’s home is his castle. However, a castle is supposed to impart a sense of majesty and an impregnable fortress, and the latter is something that is sadly missing from the equation in many homes these days, judging by the amount of break-ins that we read about in the news each day. Having a home security system installed is important, and this would include making sure that there are adequate cameras in strategic locations placed. ANNKE has stepped into the fray yet again with its latest smart home security cameras, the Nova S and the Nova Orion, with the former being made available already while the latter is arriving soon.

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Logitech reveals trio of Circle 2 bundles this holiday season

Blog-Circle-BundleWhen it comes to the mad rush of the holiday season, there are always plenty of things to take into consideration, including getting the right kind of gifts for other folks. The thing is, we might end up in a frenzy knowing that we are running short on time and having absolutely zero ideas on the kind of gift to purchase. Well, fret not if you know of a particular person or family who would like to have a greater degree of security at home, as Logitech has conveniently stepped forward to offer a trio of new Circle 2 bundles which will bring together home security cameras, popular mounts and accessories.

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iStand Walking Cane arrives in three flavors

istandA walking stick is something that we all might need to grapple with as we get older, for one simple reason: our balance and gait aren’t what they used to be, so it is useful to have a “third leg” to get up and around while minimizing the chances of falling down. So far, the basic premise is pretty much the same, although in the past there has been technologically-infused ideas of a walking stick such as the Tactile Wand Electronic Walking Stick. Being close to a decade old, how about getting something more updated and useful such as the iStand Walking Cane that will arrive in three flavors?

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InventHelp’s Cord Charmer could usher in era of clutter-free charging stations

cord-charmerEveryone likes to work in a clean, neat and clutter-free environment, unless you were Smaug the dragon who has a really long lifespan and can’t be too bothered about which jewel and treasure is stored where. For the rest of us mere mortals, an organized desk is a reflection of an organized mind. InventHelp would like to help those of us who find it difficult to keep things neat and tidy at work, school or at home with the Cord Charmer.

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NXTPACK reveals anti-theft travel backpack

anti-theft-backpackHolidays are always a fun time, although there is a degree of stress for the person who is planning for the entire trip. Each person on the trip will add on to the stress factor. Apart from making sure that one has the right amount of currency and medication, there are also many other factors to take into consideration, including security. Those who are well traveled would know just how important it is to make sure that your backpack is well protected, and NXTPACK has come up with what is deemed to be the first anti-theft travel backpack in the world that has its very own integrated camera mounting system.

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Wyze Labs reveals the WyzeCam

wyzecamWhen it comes to home security, there are many different kinds of options to choose from. However, for those who are running a tight budget and yet would like to have a semblance of peace of mind, how about checking out the $19.99 WyzeCam from Wyze Labs? This is a smart home camera that is extremely affordable, which means no home should go without a security camera of some sort, ever. After all, installing a few of these to strategically capture different areas of your home would not cost a bomb, and since each WyzeCam comes with an adhesive-equipped mounting bracket, this means you do not have to worry about drilling holes into your walls.

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Mitte smart healthy water system

mitteThere are many different kinds of water purification systems out there in the market, with some of them even having special plates that will increase the alkaline count of the water, claiming to be able to play a role in alleviating certain illnesses and sickness. Mitte would like to jump aboard the water purification bandwagon, but offer a twist to the situation instead by being a smart healthy water system. In other words, it will make use of the distillation process to purify your water, but also offer customized mineral enhancements that ensures each cup of water you drink is healthy.

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