Move over Spork – Meet the Knork

I have to say I have never really been impressed with the Spork, you remember, that spoon/fork hybrid that was ever so popular at fast food restaurants for a while. They usually came in a bag with flimsy little napkin and some salt and pepper packs. I always ended up using mine as a spoon, the tines on the “fork” never really had enough strength to stab anything. A decent enough idea, just bad execution.
Well, now we get to welcome the Knork, available not only as disposible cutlery, the Knork also comes in stainless steel and is ergonomically designed for the way we eat, the Knork combines the necessity of a fork, with the cutting edge of a knife all in one handy utensil. The gently beveled edge allows you to easily cut your food (with your already perfected rocking maneuver) with much less time and effort than ever before.

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Coffee from a tap is now a reality

I know that some of us like nothing better than to knock back a tipple or two after a particularly long, hard day at work. I helps keep stress at bay, or so I would like to think so, not to mention help working at breweries as well as malt fields to keep their job in this multi-billion dollar industry. Well, some of you might like to drink from a bottle, but others prefer the smoother feeling of an actual tap, not to mention working on getting just the right amount of head in your drink.
As for coffee, the other multi-billion dollar industry, instead of getting your favorite morning brew from one of those super expensive coffee machines, how about doing it in the same way as that of a tap? Yes sir, you no longer need to shuffle bleary eyed into your kitchn each morning, getting your mornign glass of water from the sink, but rather, the Top Brewer will dispense of your favorite coffee into a mug of your choice. Let us see how it works in the extended post.

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Bio Robot Fridge keeps food cold in gelatin

Every year, Electrolux Design Lab has a a design contest where they challenge students to come up with new home appliances for a future era.
In keeping with this year’s theme, the Second Space Age, Yuriy Dmitriev submitted the Bio Robot Fridge. This Fridge really challenges the idea of a fridge as it doesn’t even look like a refrigerator, or any other household appliance for that matter. There is no motor, no door, only a layer of gel where you put things in and keep them fresh.
Don’t ask me how this keeps things cold, or how it keeps it in there. I have never seen this substance before, but I am told that the user can take stuff out without getting any excess residue on their edibles. I am told that this leaves a smaller carbon footprint than your average refrigerator.

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You have got to like the SWITL spatula

Sometimes it is the simple things in life that you appreciate the most. For example, something that can clean up a ketchup or mayonnaise stain without leaving any trace evidence (for lack of a better word).
This is the Furukawa Kikou SWITL robot hand, and I have a video of it after the jump removing an ugly stain. What makes it really interesting is how that it is able to put the stain back, as if the stain was never removed in the first place.

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