Gorenje Fridge with built-in voice recording

If you wanted the most deluxe refrigerator out there, then this is bound to end your search.  Not only does it have all of the usual great features, it even has extras like the ability to record and play voice messages.  It would save you from having to buy any extra miniature gadgets like a radio for your kitchen or something to take voice messages with.  Plus, it keeps stuff cold, that’s always a bonus.

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COMPAC Digital Surfaces are a new way to control a kitchen

COMPAC Digital Surfaces has come up with some technology that is really a long time coming.

I don’t know about you, but there are times where I am cooking, and my greasy hands can’t turn the faucets, the oven knobs, or any of my other kitchen controls. I believe that we are headed for an age where practically every phone will be a touchscreen, but most of the operating systems in our kitchens are old-school at best.

COMPAC’s Digital Surfaces is an electric keypad that is integrated to work with the surface of the kitchen for much better control. See how the faucet has controls right next to it? It doesn’t look like I’ll be turning anything for hot and cold water, and I hope turning it on and off is easy as hitting one kill switch.

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Cravendale Milk Jug alerts of sour milk

No one ever wants to make the mistake of drinking sour milk.  Personally I’m so careful about it that I’ve probably dumped perfectly good milk down the drain before.  It’s usually because I’ve noticed that the milk is right within that gray area and rather than risk it, I get rid of it.  This would be great for anyone that wants to be sure just where they stand when it comes to the freshness of their milk.  It’d also save a whole lot of good milk from being sent down the drain.

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Bodium’s Rubber-Wrapped Appliances

Admittedly I greatly enjoy cooking and I’ve started to become a slight appliance addict.  One thing I’ve noticed is that most of them out there are practically the same.  This line from Bodium is a breath of fresh air in comparison to the rest.  It’s perfect for women who prefer tough looking kitchen appliances or for guys who want that power tool feel in the kitchen.

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Video Note Fridge Magnet

Sometimes it seems as if creators are watching old 1980’s science fiction movies to find gadget ideas.  It’s not really that I think the gadget has no point, it’s more that it seems like they have a very outdated view of the future.  We’ve probably all watched Back To The Future and this looks like something they’d have hanging on Marty’s future self’s fridge.  If you enjoy that sort of style of electronics then this would be the way to leave messages and reminders for your family.

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