Pluck that Yolk

As I have stated before on CG I am a kitchen gadget freak! Look in my kitchen and you will find 4 cheese graters (each suited for different cheeses), 20+ cooking knives (each for different uses), plastic containers in a variety of sized (never know what you have to hold!), half dozen frying pans. You get the point. No, there is not a need for all of it. But it sure is fun! Whenever I see a new device I jump on it. And this is no exception.

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“Slow Down” Says Your Fork

The health and fitness gadget category has exploded in the last year. With innovations like the FitBit and Nike Fuel, tracking your daily activity becomes easier and easier. One of the toughest parts of using these gadgets is the ongoing quest of managing your diet and food intake. If there were only a dietitian that could follow us all around and track food, remind us when to eat, tell us to slow down when eating. Sort of like having a parent with us at all times.

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