The transparent toaster

Transparent toaster.

Here’s a kitchen gadget that has me intrigued; it’s a transparent toaster. If you’ve already ordered the stylish-looking transparent radiators, then this gadget is a must have.

I’m always burning toast, either because the bread’s too thin, the timer’s too long or too short (too short I run the toaster a second time and still burn the toast), but with this gadget even I can’t go wrong.

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The World’s First Adjustable Heat Sauce

Hot Sauce Spray
This is probably one of the hottest rather than coolest gadgets we’ve come across, the world’s first adjustable hot sauce spray.

I do enjoy the odd BBQ and due to my cooking ability (or lack there of) spicing the food after cremation is mandatory to take that charred taste away. A few of my friends are solicitors in Reading, so I’ve got to be very careful of what I feed them as I don’t want to get sued for burning somebodies tonsils out. Dave’s Gourmet whom are already famous for their Insanity Sauce may have the answer to my spicy dilemma, by way of the Adjustable Heat Sauce.

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Electronic nutritional scales.

Dietary kitchen scales.

They say you are what you eat, and these kitchen scales can tell you, exactly, the nutritional content of just about any food you use to prepare a meal.

The scales come with an in-built computer that can analyze the nutritional content of the food you are weighing, from a database of over 1,400 different foodstuffs.

The scales not only report on nutritional information, but they can keep a record of total dietary intake, for up to two people, so that you can monitor calorie intake as well as other important dietary information over time.

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A mixing spoon with computer feedback.

The intelligent mixing spoon.

I managed to get through university without getting past chapter 1 of “Cooking for Blokes” because I couldn’t be bothered to go and buy the extra kitchen utensils necessary to make anything from chapter 2 onwards.

A few years later, I found a dietician who spent a year learning to cook – and I married her. Recently though, it seems to me that all our money goes into the kitchen, one way or another, so I’ve decided I want some of the action!

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No Touch Paper Towel Dispenser

Paper Towel Cutter
Say you’ve just finished chopping up some tomatoes and hot chillies, you hands are covered in juices and hot chilli seeds. You could wipe your hands on the tea towel but you just know somebody will moan if you do that. You could carefully get a paper towel to wipe your hands on being careful to only touch the towel that you need OR you could get one of these “No-Touch” Paper Towel Dispenser and Cutter.

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Electric Jar Opener

I don’t know about the other ladies out there, but I get real tired of asking the man of the house to open jars for me. I tried several different gimmicks to open them such as holding under hot water, holding it with a towel, and trying all kinds of gadgets to open them and nothing worked. I always wondered when someone would come up with a gadget that would help us open up these stubborn jars short of dynamite.

Well, Black and Decker finally heard our pleas and created an electric jar opener. Now, you can open any type of jar with only one hand and a touch of a button to open every lid in your house. No more yelling to your husband, “Honey, would you please open this for me?” You can now be just a bit more independent and not have to rely on a strong man to open jars, unless you just want him to feel macho.

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