Auto Opening Trash Can

Auto Trash CanYou know the scenario; you’ve just wiped over the kitchen work surfaces and have swept a mass of crud and crumbs into your hand. All you need to do now is open the dustbin lid and deposit said crud into the trash. Aarrgg! On opening the bin, you’ve now lost most of the muck onto the floor and all around the bin. Much cursing then begins as you re-start the process of cleaning up the crud off the floor!

Well, help is now at hand (pardon the pun!) with the automatic Hands Off Garbage Can. The bin is fitted with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) smart-chip which opens the lid on sensing your approach. Therefore no need to juggle with hands full of trash anymore.

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Beyond Microwave Oven – The Perfect Cook

Beyond Microwave
Most of us definitely aren’t gourmet chefs judging by the type of dinners we take every day. Most of the time we mindlessly pop in a frozen TV dinner into the microwave, close the door, set the estimated cooking time, and wait. If it doesn’t quite turn out right in the beginning, we either increase the power and time via experience before a piping hot meal is ready for our consumption. Of course, there are always people on the far end of the spectrum who might not even comprehend the ease of using a microwave oven.

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Voice-activated Kelvin Talking Thermostat

Kelvin Talking Thermostat
Ever wished you could just communicate with your household appliances in the same manner as with a regular human being? The Kelvin Talking Thermostat does just that – you can adjust the temperature in your humble abode by just speaking into it. In addition you can also get an instant temperature reading by asking the device. This is a great addition to any home, as even the elderly or visually impaired will be able to take charge of the home’s temperature with very little or no problem at all.

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Robotic Floor Washer

Robotic Floor Washer
I am now convinced that there is nothing a gadget can’t do! The world’s first Robotic Floor Washer allows you to wash your entire kitchen floor easily and automatically, (the way all gadget lovers like!).

This amazing gadget can prepare, wash, scrub, and dry tile, linoleum or hardwood floors all by itself very quickly and efficiently. The robotic floor washer named “Scooba” follows a very intricate pattern and uses a bleach-free solution to get a deep clean without ruining the surface.

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ScareCrow Sprinkler

ScareCrow Sprinkler
If you want a humane, effective, and funny way to get rid of crows or other pesky animals that come onto your property so you can save your garden from being eaten or keep animals out of your garbage you may want to consider the ScareCrow Sprinkler. This automatic motion-detecting sprinkler will help you keep pests off of your lawn, and I think the reaction that you would get from animals when a jet of water suddenly shot out at them would be priceless, not to mention keep them away from your lawn for a long time.

You just have to set it up anywhere in your yard and attach it to your home’s water supply. It requires no external power as it can last for 6 months on a single 9 volt battery! It’s also very water-conserving as one detection only uses 2-3 cups of water.

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Motion-sensing Light Bulb Fixtures

Motion-sensing Light Bulb Fixtures
This is a very easy and affordable way to have motion-sensing lights in your house which make life easier and would probably impress guests as well ;).

It’s a very simple system to use as the motion sensor attaches directly to the light bulb. To set it up all you have to do is screw the motion-sensor into the light socket, then plug the light bulb into the motion sensor! You then don’t need to control the lights with light switches anymore as the fixture does it for you!

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The Automatic Pet Feeder

The Automatic Pet Feeder
This gadget would be perfect for anyone taking a trip or is just forgetful and owns a pet. The Automatic Pet Feeder is programmable to certain times so your pet can be automatically fed when you choose.

There are 8 compartments in the circular device, each able to hold about 96 ounces of food. This is perfect for setting 8 days of feeding times or more than once a day for a number of days.

You don’t have to worry about the type of food you’re serving either. Beneath the food tray there is another tray for ice packs so you can feed your pets wet food without letting it go bad.

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The Dyson Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Robotic CleanerToo lazy to take the time to vacuum your house, or just want to confuse your pet? Dyson’s robotic vacuum just might be the thing for you.

Featuring more than 70 sensory devices and three on board computers, this machine is only 5% vacuum, and 95% robotic intelligence. It requires no human input or training to completely clean an entire area. It learns the layout of a room and uses all of its sensors with incredible accuracy to cover every inch of a room without ever repeating a section to ensure that no power is wasted and it doesn’t annoy you, zipping around the house for too long. In fact, it makes 10 decisions per second!

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MotoMan RoboBar


The shining promise of robotics is that it will eventually free us from all forms of drudgery. It only follows that as technology progresses our definition of what drudgery is will become a sliding scale, a moving target. Have we come so far already as to define the noble pursuit of tending bar “drudgery?” The RoboBar from the Motoman company answers this question with an emphatic “Yes!”

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