XV-11 robo-vacuum, appropriately from Neato Robotics

Neato_XV-11_on-carpetI’m not certain if you’ve ever heard of Neato Robotoics before, but they have created one neato robot vacuum cleaner with the XV-11. It uses Room Positioning System (RPS) Technology that implements laser vision to map the user’s entire floor space and avoid obstacles.

When I say avoid obstacles, I’m not talking about bumping into them to discover that they are there. Special sensors pick up the object beforehand, which results in a “smarter robot that thoroughly cleans an area in less time”. The XV-11 is designed after jet engines, which means that it is one bad sucker.

The RPS Technology gives the XV-11 a 360-degree of the room, and then it learns a cleaning process with SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) in order to find the best and most efficient path to clean for the user.

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Kwikset’s Electronic locks email you when opened

Kwikset SmartCode sidebyside-thumb-550x451-23995I have to admit that I don’t know what it is actually like to have been burglarized, but I occasionally feel the slight fear of robbery when I am away from my home for extended periods of time.

If only I had a way to check if someone has entered my home. I suppose that I could get a camera that is connected wirelessly to the Internet and point it at my front door, or I could use Kwikset’s locking mechanism.

These electronic locksets by Kwikset work with Control4 and the Schlage LiNK system to send you an email when someone enters the door (with the correct combination, of course).

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Anvil Kitchen includes automated cabinets, biometric scanners

anvil_smart_cabinetsAnvil Cabinet and Mill have just introduced their fully automated “smart” kitchen cabinets. All I can say is that if I had a kitchen that looked this good, I would be satisfied with “dumb” kitchen cabinets.

What makes the cabinets think that they are so smart is that they can “automatically fold and disappear”. Apparently, these cabinet doors don’t need hinges, but rise and fall vertically, like cabinets in a science fiction movie. All it takes from the user is a wave of the hand or a tap on the sensor, and the cabinet doors slide open and closed, hopefully with a cool-sounding whoosh sound.

Another feature is that some cabinets feature biometric scanners, so you can keep other people from stealing your secret ingredients. For example, if you don’t want your kids to raid your liquor cabinet, make it so only you can access it.

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Blueguard Self-opening Doors

blueguardEven before the recent Star Trek reboot, we were always fascinated by the technology from that science fiction franchise. It wasn’t just the warp drives, food synthesizers, and transporters, but something all too simple: self-opening doors.

Yes, for some reason, the United Federation of Planets outlawed the doorknob sometime before the 23rd century, and all doors must open with an odd swish sound effect, provided the user is in close proximity.

This is very similar to the Blueguard, which is able to open your garage door when you get 33 feet of it. It uses Bluetooth wireless technology on your cellular phone to detect when you are close. It has the capacity to obtain a signal from 10 cellular phones.

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The Home Security Television Simulator

Here’s another option for those of you on the lookout for cheap home security while you’re away on vacation.  It’s of course never going to be as good as a security system that’s installed into your home, however, it’ll at least help.  This little box when flipped on simulates the flickering glow of a television.  Which in most situations would be enough that burglars would move onto the next home.  Since the path of least resistance is ideal, they’re not going to want to go into a home where someone is already home.

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Schlage LiNK Starter Kit

I realize that most people have their garage door openers conveniently clipped to their visor, but I don’t see why we can’t just open our doors with a cellular phone or other MID (Mobile Internet Device).

This is one of the uses for the Schlage LiNK, a system of locks and deadbolts that can be unlocked using a cellular phone or Internet connection. All a user needs to do is enter in a 4-digit access code on their device, and wireless Z-Wave technology unlocks and opens the pre-programmed doors.

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Feed pets from anywhere in the world with iSeePet360


Just because pet lovers travel a lot, doesn’t mean they have to inconvience neighbors or put their pets in a kennel so they don’t die of starvation. With iSeePet360, travelers who have pets can now feed and water their canine or feline loved ones with the power of the internet through remote desktop or some other remote internet application.

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