Very Cool Electronic Curtains

Electronic Shaded CurtainsThe only gadget like curtains I’ve seen before are those with little motors that open and close them with a flick of a switch. This may of been cool 10 years ago but now just seems dorky instead of geeky.

The new flexible electronic curtain from Japanese company MicroReactor System Co has got to be the coolest curtain I’ve ever seen (and if it could be combined with LED windows that would be awesome).

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Voice-activated remote controls that don’t need a battery

Universal remote that doesnt need a battery

There are 3 cool ideas here, especially if you’re a gadget freak cum couch potato like me. From left to right there is:

• A remote control that doesn’t need a battery – very friendly to the environment.

• A voice-activated remote control, because I’m too lazy to pick the thing up and press the button.

• A universal remote control because I have six different remotes in the living room and they make the place look untidy.

I’m not sure about the universal remote control though; I had a really bad experience with one a few years ago…..

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Home Heartbeat monitoring system

Home HeartBeat monitoring system
Did you ever leave for the office in a hurry wondering if you left the iron on or a window open, or even forgotten your rich auntie’s birthday card? Well with a Home Heartbeat system, you needn’t have any more panic attacks because you can just call home to find out the status of every item in the home you hook up to the system. This gadget won a Consumer Electronic Association Innovations Award, and I’m not at all surprised.

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Electrical adaptor that shuts off devices in standby mode

Smart electrical multiway adaptor

This is a “green” gadget; a multi-way adaptor that acts as a surge protector, but at the same time automatically switches off devices that have been left in standby mode for a pre-determined time.

Most people think that when they put an electrical appliance into standby mode, the only energy used is to light up the red LED. Searching around the net for material for this article, I was shocked by some of the reported statistics on the energy wasted by devices left in this mode.

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