Twine – Hang on, I Just got a Tweet from my Air Conditoner

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If you have even the mildest kind of anxiety issues, you know what its like to worry. I cant say I’ve actually ruined a vacation, or extended trip away from home, but I can say that I have worried about the house flooding or freezing or even the fridge breaking down (and yes, that happened once, hence my discomfort now.) Wouldn’t it be nice if the stuff at home could talk to you?
Now it can, Twine is a wireless device thats used with a cloud-based service. The unit includes WiFi, as well as temperature and vibration sensors, and it also has an expansion slot for other kinds of sensors. Twine is powered by the on-board micro USB or two AAA batteries. So Twine can not only warn you of an emergency, but it can tell you that your laundry is done, grandma is awake, or that you left the garage door open! So go ahead, let the stuff in your house text, tweet or e-mail!

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Nest Thermostat – It Sees You when you're Sleeping

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It doesn’t matter what season it is, I am either too hot or too cold. I don’t know what causes it but for some reason 72 degrees feels just right in the winter time, but come summer, its too darn hot. Of course the only reason we don’t just set the thermostat to whatever feels good at the moment is because its just so darn expensive, plus you need a full time person in charge of setting and changing the darn thing, so I am constantly in a t-shirt with a sweater at the ready.
Well, a new gadget, called The Nest is hoping to change all that for you. The Nest has a simple enough dial that allows you to select a comfortable temperature, but thats about the only thing traditional about it, because after around 7 days The Nest starts tuning your homes temperature all by itself. Its sensors know if you are up and about, if you are not it switches to night or away mode.

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The Scooba 230 and Roomba 700 series updates by iRobot

I’m sure a lot of you probably can’t live without those circular robot discs that clean up our floors while we sit back and do what we want to do: not clean.
You’ll be pleased to know that iRobot, the company that makes the Roomba, has come up with some upgrades to the 700 series that include the 760, 770, and 780. You can see an image of one of them on the left.
The company has also come out with the Scooba 230, which is the tiny disc that you see on the right. The 230 is 3.5 inches tall and 6.5 inches in diameter, and it is a terrific cleaner for places you don’t want to clean.

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SAECO XELSIS DIGITAL ID – the coffeemaker that cares

Okay, so I’ve been married for over 10 years and usually I’m the one in charge of making the coffee. Unfortunately, to this day, I still have to ask my husband how he likes it. I suppose if I thought about it, I would remember, but who has the energy at 7 in the morning?

Thankfully, Saeco has set out to save my marriage, its touch panel has a fingerprint scanner that memorizes the preferences, such as strength and amount of froth, for up to six people and automatically brews one cup at a time. So with one quick touch, he can make the coffee himself and I don’t even have to be there.

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Is this the Coolest Swimming Pool Ever?

indoor pool
Over the years we’ve reported on some pretty cool swimming pool gadgets, from huge infinity pools to motorised bumper boats and many more. This next one is something special, it’s an outdoor terrace that converts into an indoor pool (yes you did read that correctly). Below is a photo before (in terrace mode) whilst above shows the terrace mid transformation.

Terrace Pool

To fully appreciate it you need to check out the following video:

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Hydrofloor, for when you want to hide your pool

I think I have only seen devices like the Hydrofloor in movies. They are usually used by eccentric rich villains who have a scheme to make yet even more money, and their lair changes appearance at the touch of a button to display their nefarious plan.

However, this Hydrofloor is much more useful. Imagine if you own a home (a very expensive one) and you want a have a big ballroom and an indoor pool in the same room. The Hydrofloor is there for you, decreasing the floor until it is deep enough for the water. It even has some stairs. I have no information about where the water goes, or how long it takes to transition from floor to pool, and back again.

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DISPLAX: The touchscreen wallpaper of the future

Displax_2I think that we all know that the future is full of Microsoft Surface technology, and I look forward to the day when every table or desk is a touchscreen.

DISPLAX, made by a Portuguese company, is prepared for an age where every tabletop, wall, or any large flat (or even curved) surface could be a touchscreen. DISPLAX is a thinner-than-paper polymer film that can be applied to glass, plastic, or wood and can detect up to 16 touches at once.

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to think of some good uses already. In fact, my dream house will have DISPLAX as wall-paper in every room.

That way, any wall I want can be a television, and recipes can appear on the wall in my kitchen. I would imagine that I could check my email or social media sites from any room, including the bathroom.

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XV-11 robo-vacuum, appropriately from Neato Robotics

Neato_XV-11_on-carpetI’m not certain if you’ve ever heard of Neato Robotoics before, but they have created one neato robot vacuum cleaner with the XV-11. It uses Room Positioning System (RPS) Technology that implements laser vision to map the user’s entire floor space and avoid obstacles.

When I say avoid obstacles, I’m not talking about bumping into them to discover that they are there. Special sensors pick up the object beforehand, which results in a “smarter robot that thoroughly cleans an area in less time”. The XV-11 is designed after jet engines, which means that it is one bad sucker.

The RPS Technology gives the XV-11 a 360-degree of the room, and then it learns a cleaning process with SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) in order to find the best and most efficient path to clean for the user.

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Dude, can I crash on your Athena Sofa?

multimedia-sofa-computer-hybrid-design2-thumb-550x461-24291Normally, when you spend the night sleeping on your friend’s couch, you’re usually in for a second-rate experience. I mean, the best you can hope for is that it folds out into a bed.

In the case of the Athena sofa, I could easily make it into an office. I mean, it has an LCD in each armrest that are integrated by a multimedia PC.

As you can see, these screens pop out of the armrests itself and flatten themselves out when not in use. (I wouldn’t rest my coffee cup there, though. At least not without a coaster.)

I see that one of them has a keyboard, but if they were touchscreens, then I’d have a fun time running all my operations with Windows 7.

The Athena sofa also comes with an iPhone and iPod dock, and a set of hidden speakers that include an 8-inch subwoofer.

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