Black & Decker Alligator Lopper

On occasion there is a tool that you really don’t absolutely need, but could still be justifiably useful.  Sure, you probably mostly want it because it’s awesome, but it still could be very useful.  It has slightly more versatility than a chain saw, it can do some of the things you’d do with a chainsaw and hedge clippers.  Plus, it’s a whole lot tougher looking than a set of hedge clippers.

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The Tornado Pressure Water Jet Gun

Alright so you’re cleaning the side of the house after you’ve managed to cover it in little grass clippings.  You shouldn’t have to take the hose out there and rinse off the side with some incredibly lame water nozzle.  Instead you need a nozzle that looks like a ray gun.  It’ll make sure all of that dirt is blasted off, even from 30 feet away from the dirt.  That also means you can blow birds nests off of those nooks and crannies that every house seems to have.

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Contech CatStop Cat Deterrent

Alright, so let’s say you have a sand box that you enjoy allowing your kids to play in without worrying about what they’ll find.  That or you just happen to have a deep unwavering hatred for felines, now you can make sure that they’ll stay away  from your lawn.  It won’t harm the cats at all, it’ll just make an obnoxious noise that keeps them away.

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Nozzle tracks your water usage

For those committed to cutting down on the amount of water they use up, it might take a few different tricks to keep you on track.  This Save A Drop Hose Nozzle won’t force you to shut it down, but it will let you know just how much water is being used.  It’s a nozzle best used for those that have a specific goal in mind as far as their water usage  goes.

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