Trifo reveals Ironpie smart robot vacuum

It is an inescapable fact of life where we all need to maintain the cleanliness of our homes and workspaces, otherwise time and dust will find a way to make a mess of things if left all by themselves. With many of us already having a challenging time at work, returning home would mean decompressing, and the thought of additional housework can prove to be overwhelming. Why not let the wonders of home automation help you out with the Ironpie smart robot vacuum from Trifo?

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FoldiMate perfects their clothes folding machine

Doing the laundry is one of the inescapable chores of life, making it as essential as death and taxes. Once the laundry has completed its wash, spin and dry cycles, there is also the challenge of folding up the entire stack in a neat manner. Why not let home automation get the job done on your behalf with the FoldiMate? Yes, there is even a robot that is more than capable of folding your laundry now, although do not expect it to be as deft or quick as a seasoned veteran around the home.

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CloviFi transmitter helps free you from cables

We are slowly but surely moving away from different forms of wired devices, from our smartphones that are now able to charge up wirelessly all the way to transmitting video and audio signals sans cables. CloviTek Inc.’s latest wireless device that will hit the market would be the CloviFi transmitter. The CloviFi is a dedicated wireless device that was specially developed in order for it to transmit TV audio to smart devices, where this tiny, rounded black box boasts of a modern and sleek design that ought not to have any issue at all blending in with different background decor and surroundings.

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Kintell smart home system

Our society is fast progressing to be a smart one, where there are smartphones, smart cars, smart bulbs, and of course, smart homes. Many aspects of life are slowly but surely headed down the path of full automation, and Kintell has come up with its smart home system that has been specially designed for families who would like to improve the health and wellbeing of older adults as well as extend the time people spend living independently in their home. With the Kintell smart home system, users will be able to remain independent and in control, while maintaining their active lifestyle in order to remain healthy, at the same time feel better connected to their family.

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Coral One vacuum robot does more than the usual

coral-oneRobotic vacuum cleaners are certainly nothing new these days, as there is quite a number of companies out there that have come up with their fair share of models which are capable of mapping out your entire home while ensuring it is capable of docking itself when it starts to run low on juice. However, here is something that might just raise your jaded eyebrow: the Coral One. The Coral One happens to be a powerful 2-in-1 vacuum robot that brings along with it an injection of true innovation.

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The Smarter Coffee Machine – never make bad brew again

Smarter Coffee

How our day goes is not always determined by our mornings, but having a decent start can certainly help the rest of it along. If you wake up on time, manage to bathe, eat, and remember to wash your thermos out so you can take coffee to work, then you’re doing pretty good. However, coffee is a big part of that equation, and should you forget to set up the grounds and water the night before, then it’s iffy whether or not your morning brew will be ambrosia or swill.

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The Purefresh will hide the hideous smells your body creates in the bathroom


We’re all worried with how we smell. We use scented soaps, deodorants, toothpastes, laundry detergent, and sprays to hide the natural smells our bodies produce. The one thing that is the hardest to hide, is the delightful aroma left behind after using the bathroom. When you have guests over and nature calls, you can’t exactly say no, but you can try your best to cover your tracks so to speak.

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The Barisieur is an alarm clock that gives you coffee in bed


Every day seems to stitch tighter and tighter together schedule-wise. We have less time to relax, and have to find solace in little moments throughout the day. Sometimes, the daily rituals we do are enough to calm our minds, and help us wake up or go to sleep. While coffee is known to be a big part of our mornings, it also plays a role in our evenings as well since we have to set up the coffeemaker for the next day.

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The Nanoleaf Bloom will let you dim your lights with a regular light switch

Nanoleaf Bloom

We all want to be more efficient and cut down on electric bills, but many of the “solutions” that have come up are often expensive (its takes money to save money, right?). However, not all of us are so well off that we can toss hundreds or thousands at new energy management systems. For those of us just scraping by, spending a little and saving a lot is the only way things can be done.

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The ivee – a smart alarm clock for a smart home

Slowly but surely, homes across the world will be controlled via app or completely automated. There are already a number of devices that can automate your lighting, locks, hubs, and thermostat. These all have their own corresponding app, but wouldn’t it be nice if they were all voice controlled so you didn’t even have to open an app to tell it what to do?

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