Mood Swing Lip Gloss

We’ve seen the phenomenon known as Mood Rings back in our younger days, but what about the Mood Swing Lip Gloss? This is one lip gloss that men won’t mind buying for their other halves – after all, I am sure that many of us have suffered the wrath of a sudden mood change in … Read more

Gadget gum to keep geeks occupied

For those who follow soccer (that’s football for the rest of the world), one would realize that managers, especially the uber famous Sir Alex Ferguson, tend to chew on gum when following their team’s games. Well, this could be due to him wanting to have the freshest breath possible while giving his players the famous … Read more

Easy Trim battery powered personal trimmer

Stray hairs can get quite irritating especially when you’ve got a date coming up or a social event where plenty of the rich and famous will be in attendance. Well, we suppose if you were actually invited to such an event you would definitely be able to afford the best forms of beauty care, but … Read more

Freedom Dynamo Electric Shaver

Electric shavers are a whole lot more convenient than standard ones, except for when they run out of batteries – then you’d wish you had carried with you a spare, ordinary shaver that does its job even when the whole world’s power supply is cut off. Then again, nobody would be there to look at … Read more