Darma is a seat cushion that will improve your body and mind


We sit on our buns for most of the day. While we might get up to stretch every once in a while when our legs feel restless or to go get lunch, we really don’t bother moving much. It’s hard to remind yourself how long you’ve been sitting in the same position, if your posture is correct, and when it’s time to get up for a quick walk around the room.

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Pavlok Fitness Band – 340 Volts of Motivation


Hate exercise? Me too! But there’s a wealth of information that proves its a necessary evil. Getting up and getting going isn’t just about looking good, its about living longer, healthier, more productive lives. Sure, its good for the old cardiovascular system, but its also good for your brain, you bones… heck, every bit of you. So what else do you need to know to get moving?

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X-Doria announces KidFit activity tracker

kidfitChildren are extremely active – and in this new generation, where many of them grow up on a sugar rich diet, they tend to be hyperactive and have lots and lots of energy to expend, that disciplining them the right way requires plenty of wisdom as well as love, sprinkled with some stern looks along the way. Since adults are able to enjoy gadgets such as activity trackers including the Razer Nabu, why not the little ones? X-Doria sees this particular need, and has since announced the KidFit.

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The Power Spurz will let you blaze a trail with LEDs

It’s difficult to find enough hours in the day for everything we want to get accomplished. Working, house upkeep, keeping ourselves fed, and staying in shape are all supposed to be daily occurrences. If you don’t have time to go for a run until nighttime, then you’re going to need to make sure you aren’t hiding in the shadows, or a passing car isn’t going to see you until after injuries have been inflicted.

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Goccia is the world’s smallest activity tracker

There are so many gadgets to carry around that it starts to become annoying figuring out which cable goes to what. Everything needs to be charged almost daily, and even though we try to keep things neat and simple, that isn’t always the case. As our lives become busier, it’s hard to keep tabs on our health, which is why activity trackers are becoming more and more popular.

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Single Handed Barber

You are a definite man’s man, and you absolutely loathe having to ask for help from different people during your moments of weakness. In fact, you live by the motto that “if you want something done right, then do it yourself”, so much so that you do not even trust the local barber to get … Read more