The baKBlade helps you shave your back

When you have that annoying little itch between your shoulder blades, you normally sidle up next to a wall and deal with the issue. It’s a tricky little spot to reach, and a back scratcher can help too, but if your problem with that area is the issue of back hair, it’s going to add … Read more

The Exotic Virtual Adventure Run makes working out seem interesting

Exotic Virtual Adventure Run

We all want that amazing beach body, but that would require us to eat bland food and work out. It’s not really that exercising is terrible, it’s just really boring. Not only are you doing the same tedious task over and over again, but it’s not engaging your mind at all. You end up sweaty and feeling great afterward, but it’s hard to have an hour of focusing on…not focusing.

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The Labonetz Pelvic Rolling Tollne 8 will help you learn how to shimmy up a storm


Belly dancing is beautiful, sexy, and really hard to do. If you’ve ever taken a crack at trying to do a body roll or shimmy, you know how hard it can be to try and isolate certain aspects of your body to move them like you want. Once you see performers like Rachel Brice and can understand basic mechanisms of how to isolate your body movements, you can appreciate how much harder still it is to isolate muscle groups to look fluid.

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The Future of Disease Diagnosis is Here

generadar_1Our entire lives we have been seeing cool medical advancements on television and in the movies. But when will those advancements really arrive to our everyday lives? We put men on the moon, carry gigabytes of memory in our pockets and can control the temperature in our house from half a world away. Yet diagnosing diseases – something we all have interest in – still depends on tests and labs and medical professionals.

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The Cold Shoulder Calorie Burning Vest is NASA scientist approved

Cold Shoulder Vest

Keeping excess weight off is a lifelong battle. We run, lift weights, eat less and take supplements, but a few days of slipping can put us on the fast track to gaining weight again. You can’t take a pill and watch the pounds fall off, but there are a few methods to burn more calories while seemingly doing nothing. That sounds like it might be too good to be true, but a NASA scientist developed one of these methods, so there must be some validity to it, right?

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The Fineck is a necklace activity tracker this is all fun and games


We always talk about how we want to go get a massage, but it takes a year or two and measurable pain to make us go through with it. Our posture from using our phones, sitting at desks for hours on end, and sitting in a car to commute is not doing us any favors. It’s not something we think about, but the effects are pretty obvious as we’re in serious amounts of pain just about every day .

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